Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Dear Police Departments: Don't do this. You don't have the right to stop a driver unless there is a legitimate reason. Doing a good deed, even with good intentions, is not a legitimate reason. 
  • Around two years ago I started focusing in on the Proud Boys and noted that one of its members was a lawyer who made an appearance at the Wise County Courthouse. Now that lawyer is the new President of the Proud Boys.  He first got my attention when he got perilously close to being hired as an assistant D.A. in Victoria County. 
  • Decatur won another playoff game. Get this: In their two playoff games, their quarterback is an amazing 67 of 82 (a completion percentage of 80.7) for 882 yards, 10 touchdowns, and 1 interception. There was a time during the year where he looked horrible. 
  • I don't think I knew this:
  • Remember last week I said that a certain Star-Telegram sports columnist had turned into a cartoon? He's at again:
  • Breaking: Mack Brown will be hired by North Carolina.
  • As promised, here is my groundbreaking research proving that the Thanksgiving Holidays are not the busiest flying times of the year. (My only assumption is that all planes, all the time, are basically full. If you ever fly, you know that is correct.) And with that: Here are the number of passenger planes flying in and out of DFW by day.
    • Week Before Thanksgiving
      • 11/14 - 633 - Wed
      • 11/15 - 630 - Thur
      • 11/16 - 614 - Fri
      • 11/17 - 548 (Data for 11/17 unavailable. This is avg for 3 previous Saturdays)
      • 11/18 - 579 - Sun
      • Wednesday through Sunday total flights: 3,004
    • 11/20 - 606
    • Week Of Thanksgiving
      • 11/21 - 647 - Wed
      • 11/22 - 486 - Thanksgiving Day
      • 11/23 - 528 - Fri
      • 11/24 - 526 - Sat
      • 11/25 - 588 - Sun
      • Wednesday through Sunday total flights: 2,775
  • America celebrated the Thanksgiving weekend by firing tear gas at people standing in a sovereign nation seeking asylum in America pursuant to our laws -- people who are poorer than everyone who is reading this. And Trump doubles down this morning
    This child didn't get turkey and dressing -- just tear gas.
  • Trump gets back to work for America by doing two campaign rallies for this gal in Mississippi today.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.