Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's pretty bold when you see a defense lawyer accuse a prosecutor by name of withholding evidence. It is happening in Tarrant County right now.  
  • The Texas Rangers unveil the model of their new stadium yesterday. I've never bought anything worth over $1 billion before, but if I did I kind of would wanted to have a working model before I committed to build it.  

  • Can't say I've ever watched an episode of Spongebob, but it got my attention that its creator died yesterday at the age of 57.
  • "You do realize that no matter how important you are or what good you've done, most people at your funeral will walk out after it's over and go back to the office to answer Interrogatories in a mundane case?" -- A buddy said that to me this year as we both contemplative life at a funeral. It's stuck with me, and I now name it the 2018 Liberally Lean Quote of the Year.
  • As predicted, Cindy Hyde-Smith won the Senate seat in Mississippi -- a state with a school district which, last year, banned To Kill A Mockingbird.
  • You've seen Knickers, the gigantic cow, right?
  • NASCAR is in trouble. I saw this blurb yesterday and then went and found a chart for some historical perspective.

  • After a convoluted fight, a Texas Historical Marker will go up next Friday designating a site where a group of Texas Rangers massacred 15 unarmed Mexicans and Mexican-Americans in 1918.
  • The destruction of Fouts Field in Denton has begun. It was the home of a lot of bad football and the filming location of Necessary Roughness (a film which depicted the fictional college of Texas State -- because Texas State didn't exist at the time.)
  • More evidence we have entered into the Idiocracy era.
    "United Nations?" "Uh huh!" "Oh, that's right!"
  • The freak out continues this morning. (And I wonder what the odds are that the word "intimating" was used on Fox News within the last two hours. There's no way he came up with that on his own.)
  • And he just went on a weird re-tweeting binge including this one. This is not normal. Something has him really scared.
    His own deputy attorney general is in there.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold which has an interesting story on Wise County voter turnout history. 1992, not 2018, was a record year from a percentage standpoint. (Cutoff were the crazy presidential results for that year: Bush with 33.6% (4,555 votes): Clinton 33.0% (4,478 votes) and Ross Perot 33.4% (4,535 votes.))