Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking news from a trusted source: Some guy just lit himself on fire and jumped off the Bridgeport viaduct bridge. Developing . . . . 
  • Re: Saints vs. Cowboys. The NFL is ridiculous. No team can go from horrible to very good in college football in four games. There, you are what you are. Alabama is beyond great. Kansas is horrible. Baylor is barely average. TCU is average. Tech is below average. Clemson is great. Texas is good. Aggie is good. And it's been that way all season. But if you think the Cowboys can't turn around and go right back to being bad over the next month, you're crazy.
  • Stay with me here: In 2012, Sean Peyton was suspended as coach of the New Orleans Saints and, to find something to do, coached his son's Texas sixth grade team Pop Warner team, the Argyle Liberty Christian Warriors. (Peyton lives in Westlake, I think.) But we've got a Wise County connection! Liberty couldn't beat the Springtown that season which, oddly, eventually resulted in an article in Grantland. That article linked to Springtown's 2012 Football Facebook page and it turns out that same team played Boyd and Decatur. (Tons of photos in that Facebook link.) If Sean Peyton's Liberty played Springtown, they probably played Boyd and Decatur.  So the question: Do any of you Wise County parents remember NFL head coach Sean Peyton coaching against your sixth grade son when they played Liberty in 2012? 
Decatur vs. Springtown in 2012
(Those are sixth graders, right?)
  • Don't look now, but Michael Cohen's plea yesterday is one step closer to the Steele Dossier (yep, the one about that tape) being absolutely correct.  It's not simply about a hotel in Moscow (where Trump was going to give Putin a $50 million penthouse), it's about Cohen and Manafort having a pipeline to Russia, Russian hacking to help Trump, and Trump accepting it with open arms. Tweet your way through it in the middle of the night if you want, big man, but there's more coming: 
  • And this makes the Arrested Development "light treason" meme pure gold. 

  • I really don't know what to expect out of the Amber Guyer grand jury. The D.A. wants a murder charge, but Dallas grand juries are notorious for being independent -- as they all should be.
  • The Texas lawyer who just became head of the Proud Boys is no longer head of the Proud Boys. Oh, my.
  • As assistant superintendent abruptly resigned yesterday from Decatur ISD. On Monday, parents showed up at a school board meeting complaining about security. Something is weird.
  • Texas, are you next for this? (The database is really amazing. It will even auto-fill in an officer's name. Heck, type in the city of Trenton as an example.)
  • If you put together a baby/wedding shower registry on Amazon, you'll find three or more items in it that you didn't list (with a tiny "sponsored" text next to them.)  Amazon gets paid the product manufacturers to infiltrate your registry with items you didn't want. And your friends buy them and you end up getting them. 
  • It's hard to keep up with what appears to be a potential boondoggle of Fort Worth's Panther Island but you have no faith in the project once you learn that the son of Fort Worth Congressman Kay Granger is the executive director of of something called the Trinity River Vision Authority and makes $213,000 a year in public money. Shut it down. Let's go home. 
  • I don't know anything about girls high school basketball, but little Bridgeport beating 6A Keller Fossil Ridge 58-34 yesterday seems like a big deal. (And I still support "Sissies" as the greatest mascot name in the history of ever.)
  • Kid Rock making Fox and Friends very uncomfortable this morning