Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Pretty wild story out of Fort Worth (although I'm not sure what the definition of "rich" is these days.)
  • Kanye is having lunch with Trump tomorrow at the White House. As Jimmy Kimmel said last night, I wish that was on pay-per-view. I'd pay.
  • Do we have to treat every hurricane like a pending Armageddon? 
    "She was not treating it like Armageddon."
  • You've seen the "Stop Forced Annexation" signs in Wise County. To do so, would you vote for or against this proposal as it appears on the ballot?: "Changing Wise County from Tier 1 county status to Tier 2 county status for purposes of municipal annexation as described by Chapter 43 of the Texas Local Government Code." Confusing? A bit. You have to vote "for" to be "against" forced annexation. That's why the ad campaign tries to clear it up:
  • There have been 114 Supreme Court Justices. All but three have been white. All but four have been male.
  • We know. We know. We know. 
  • At least the "Proud Boy" Texas lawyer (who made an appearance in Wise County a year or so ago) is honest about Trump being his fascist leader. But he sure doesn't like people saying mean things about him:
  • In four weeks, a Texas high school football record will be set: Allen (the largest school in Texas at 6,664 students) plays Plano West (the second-largest school in Texas at 5,654 students). With a combined 12,318 students, there's never been a larger face off. In other news, Boyd will play Paradise this Friday.
  • Pulp Fiction's dance scene set to Devo's Whip It
  • Of all the elected District Attorneys in Texas, only four will face an opponent in November.
  • What's the cost of that treatment? (I might have to chair a Death Panel in my home -- with the Chair yielding unlimited power -- if this happens. Uh, too dark?)
  • UN Ambassador Nikki Haley shockingly announced she will be leaving at the end of the year. Her and Trump promise everything is great between them, but there's a tweet for everything: Flashback to 2016 when Haley was a "Never Trumper". 
  • "I'll take an extra R, Pat." 
  • What would you do if you are a Plaintiff's lawyer, won a million dollar verdict for your client against an apartment complex, and lost on appeal in Dallas where two of the three judge panel who ruled against you had received political donations of "$2,000 from the Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC and the Apartment Association of Greater Dallas PAC" a month before they were assigned the case? Answer: Criticizing the judges didn't work out. (Warning: The link goes to the Dallas Observer so your web browser will slow down to a snail's pace due to all the crap they have on there.)
  • It's becoming clear that the Saudi government murdered a Washington Post contributor in Turkey. And, of course, we won't do anything. Saudi Arabia always gets a pass.
  • This government search warrant affidavit, linked to by a USA Today reporter yesterday, is almost a primer on buying illegal stuff on the darknet (i.e. Silk Road.) You learn about Tor, Bitcoin, a list of sites that sell drugs, and pitfalls to avoid. The feds are after a U.S. citizen who spends an inordinate amount of time in Costa Rica.
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.
  • What? People decided to go to the State Fair yesterday?: