Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Anyone else think the auction house was in on this self-destructing Banksy painting bit, and that the "buyer" will never be out a dime? Just one big publicity stunt? (Link to the moment.)
  • Mrs. LL was over in Dallas this weekend and saw this in her tire. (Artistic photo, by the way.) She ran by the first repair place she saw (Sears) and they told her she needed a new tire. You won't be shocked to learn that a second opinion led to a different conclusion and a simple patch.
  • If you agree with the police taking the sign, you have zero comprehension of the First Amendment. (The image first appeared in the Washington Post when Republicans endorsed Roy Moore who, as an adult, liked to pick up young girls in malls.)
  • Republicans have every right to celebrate Kavanaugh's confirmation, but what was John Cornyn thinking? Are there no statesmen left? 
  • I'll give BagOfNothing credit for tipping me off to the most disgusting and exploitative ad Greg Abbott has ever run.
  • "It's a lot of work—maybe they don't want to do it." Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on why there has never been a Republican woman on the committee.
  • Paul McCartney was down at Austin this weekend but waved the Chilean flag thinking it was the Texas flag.
  • College football development that drives me crazy: The running back being stood up but then two offensive lineman (or more) start pushing the back of the pile forward for five yards or more. I'm seeing it more and more, and UT is the master of it. (It used to be illegal.)
  • What a cluster: "An officer killed a police dog in Waco on Friday after it bit its handler while police were attempting to serve an arrest warrant. Authorities had converged on a house in the 2000 block of Seneca Avenue just after noon. As they walked up to the home, the Belgian Malinois bit its handler.  Another officer then fatally shot the dog." The guy they were looking for wasn't at home.
  • Melanie Trump went all Raiders of the Lost Ark this weekend.

  • Technically, since the production is called "Jesus", it is not false advertising. It is a trip to indeed go see Jesus. (Not sure the Messiah would approve of the prices, however.)
  • They were also doing a different Jesus bit in College Station.
  • Other (unintentional) Aggie humor: "He caught it! Touchdown! He caught it! I'm looking right at it!"
  • Trump actually said this at a "rally" of Friday night. It is a 100% blatant lie. But no one cares. 
  • I haven't listened to Dennis Prager, the pseudo-intellectual, for quite some time, but I tuned in on Friday for just long enough to hear him call this device a "protractor". 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold