Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • This has appeared right off the courthouse square in Decatur. I don't know if it is functioning or just art. I'll check for a dial tone. Edit: It's art. I've been informed the Messenger had a story about it last week.
  • "It's like a big tornado, a massive tornado." - Trump describing Hurricane Michael.
  • Tarrant County DA Sharen Wilson, who without question will win the general election against a Democrat, spent $46,998.45 in a little over two months on a consulting firm called Murphy Nasica out of Austin. Why? Seems like a ridiculous waste of money. Heck, for $100 I would have told her to lay low and keep out of any big scandals and you're home free. (Campaign report is here if you want to check my always questionable math skills.)
  • Trust me, those guys ain't giving out their THC. 
  • Austin Powers star Verne Troyer’s death has been ruled a suicide by alcohol poisoning six months after his passing. How can the medical examiner distinguish between accidental and intentional?
  • You barely notice that the baseball playoffs are going on right now.
  • Tech/TCU is a nice Thursday night gift. Side note: TCU's "dead frog" play of having a player lay down in the end zone during a kickoff only to surprisingly jump up and return to the action is now illegal.
  • Two years after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando it occurs to me that Panic! At The Disco might be a bad name for a band.
  • For those of you which have been to Top Golf, you'll get a kick out of the scene this morning in Georgia. Photo posted by local cops.
  • The stock market took a hit yesterday. I've been waiting for a huge "correction" for three years. If the DOW went to 21,000 it would be completely understandable for one simple reason: It is due.
  • This New York Post headline is getting a lot of attention. The story isn't quite as sensational. Only three cases that were possibly related to sex trafficking, and one kid was homeless. No arrests were made. The rest were simply runaways who were found by visiting "last known addresses, friend's homes and schools."
  • The first story in the Update seems odd. We go on a huge manhunt because a guy was on a motorcycle which was "running terribly and also did not have a license plate" and  “[t]he guy started to take off and fell over”? He got away, by the way.