Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Out of nowhere, Mrs. LL is binge watching Downton Abbey. Great. Now she'll school me in the "Early 20th Century History of England" category on Jeopardy.
  • Lookout! Trump watched State TV/Fox News this morning! They had a wacko guest on who said that not only had George Soros paid for the protesters at the capitol last week, but now they hadn't received their checks. Trump bought it and sent out a tweet forty-five minutes later. 
  • Interesting question posed to me over the weekend: "Would you really want to be the swing vote on the Supreme Court with all those burdens or have a pretty good gig as an associate justice on a federal appeals court?"  I think I'd take the lower court gig. 
  • We should eliminate Columbus Day and create a Voting Day.
  • This trial started two weeks ago. I haven't heard a word about it. Is it over? (I'm scared the Star-Telegram can no longer afford to dedicate a reporter for complete coverage of cases like this.)
  • That Limo crash that killed 20 is so disturbing. This is the Google Street View angle of it. The limo moved down the street from the left and crossed the highway into the parking lot and beyond.
  • What am I missing?: The amount of money spent on advertising for the one Congressional seat held by Pete Sessions and sought by Colin Allred is astonishing. You can't avoid the commercials. But other contested races (take for example the 24th District between Kenny Marchant and Jan McDowell) which covers parts on Dallas, Tarrant and Denton counties seems completely off the radar. They are both one seat.
  • I'm an idiot on military warfare (other than to know "Space Force" is stupid) but look at these drones below. I'll ask it again and with all due respect to my friends at Lockheed Martin, do we really need F-35s at over $90 million a piece when we have those things? And they'll only get better.
  • Here's a crazy "Fire Ted Cruz" ad produced by a PAC and directed by Richard Linklater (Bernie, Boyhood, Daze and Confused.)
  • It's supposed to rain all day. Are there people who are going to the State Fair today and are completely oblivious to the rain forecast? I'm guessing yes. 
  • Of course he does. (Side note: I hate that his name is on every gas pump with a message that begins "Howdy Neighbors!")
  • Can someone explain to me how Elmer Gantry is qualified to give an opinion on law and judicial philosophy.
  • I've always loved R.E.M.'s "Fall on Me" performed on MTV's Unplugged. I watched it again last night and realized (1) I still love it and (2)  that I'm old. (Love how his eyes roll back in his head at the 1:18 mark.)