Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Capital Punishment is now "dead" in the State of Washington as the state supreme court ruled yesterday it was unconstitutional under their state constitution. The number of people on death row in Washington had been eight. (I'm surprised the number was that high.)
  • I had a stop down moment yesterday when I looked up an saw Kid Rock at the White House. #Idiocracy
  • Then I decided America was doomed when I saw Kanye, who admittedly suffers from mental illness, was allowed to go on a six minute incoherent rant in an office which Americans used to revere.  America elected him. We get what we deserve.
  • Let's check in on who Fox News brought in this morning to defend that disaster. It's the deep thinking duo of Diamond and Silk! "Uh, huh!" "Oh, that's right!"
  • We are all gonna die anyway. (Video)
  • Cowboys' Cole Beasley says "other teams" will see his value when he becomes a free agent because he gets "open on tape." See ya.
  • Based upon the officers' on-the-scene conversations, something is going on here. One said to another who was considering getting a blood search warrant: "[Officer] Rountree had [Judge] Crane sign a blank [search warrant] one time. No narrative. Signed it. Put whatever you need in there."  The "no narrative" would mean there was no probable cause affidavit submitted before the judge just signed a blank warrant. A blank warrant would allow the officer to fill in the name of the person who would be stuck with a needle against his will.
  • Big win by Tech over TCU last night. (The potential that the TCU quarterback has is so far being crushed by the poor decisions -- and turnovers -- he makes.) The conference is now down to OU, The Evil Empire, and West Virginia.
    Female Surrender Cobras
  • Texas State was on one of the ESPN channels last night as well. I didn't realize its stadium was as nice as it was. It would also be nice if any of its 34,000 students would show up.
  • Trump is killing it on the appointment of federal appellate judgeships. No president has appointed more than he has in the first two years.
  • In reference to my question this week of why we need the $90+ million F-35 when we have drone technology moving forward . . . 
  • Oh, honey. 
  • But I will agree with her on one point: It should be "on the world" instead of "in the world" when you really think about it. 
  • I did that, too, but I didn't turn into a White Nationalist.
  • I can't get enough of this photo (and I hope Secret Service got between Trump and the lady in red):
  • Some people say criminal defense work is a young man's game
  • I've been in my weather lab again. Sunday, at 4:17 p.m., a massive cold front will hit. We plummet into the 40s and won't get out of it until Wednesday. Book it. (And to think they pay Delkus to get things wrong.)