Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Dude, (1) Putin said in front of you and the world last week that he wanted you to win, (2) Then you invited him to the White House!, and (3) You've denied the existence of any meddling before:
  • And maybe the scariest thing Trump has ever said occurred yesterday in Kansas City in front of VFW assembly. We have entered into the 1984 playbook: 
  • And shout out to the VFW national office which was offended by Trump's "Fake News" rant causing some sheeple vets to get into the act: 
  • The Rangers turned in a laughable performance last night. The box score is all you need to know: 
  • I mentioned on Monday that the Sweetie Pie's sign indicating there was no waiting was gone. Well, it's back. They must now take it inside at night. 
  • As a music and marriage expert, let me fix this list. The only ones that should be on there are: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9b, 12, 13b, 13c, 13d, 13e, 13g, 22b, and the (not listed) Margaritteville
  • Hey, while you weren't paying attention, Trump gave a $12 billion bailout to farmers who are financially strapped because of Trump's tariff policies. (And don't worry about that "appropriations" thing in the Constitution.)
  • The Evil Empire has new uniforms designed by Nike for the upcoming season. Some of the Orange Bloods are concerned about the color of the "burnt" orange. (That kind of looks like Tennessee.) 
  • Old vs. New
  • Nerdy legal stuff: The Ninth Circuit is issuing decisions on a 2-1 vote when one of the 2 in the majority died four months before they released the opinion. 
  • Ol' Borat is single-handedly draining the right wing swamp.
  • Oh, my:
  • More proof that the NFL Player's union is weak. #1 Pick Baker Mayfield signed a deal yesterday for a guaranteed $34 million. Eight years ago, #1 pick Sam Bradford (same position, same school) got a deal guaranteeing $50 million with a chance to make $28 million more if played for the life of his contract. 
  • What percentage of the American population asked, "Who is Demi Lovato?" yesterday?
  • Why every major newspaper's web site is a design disaster is one of tech's great mysteries. Pop up ads, video playing randomly, the same headline repeated four times, ads ad nauseam, slow loading, drop down lists that aren't obviously drop down lists, news stories in video instead of text, and not being able to find a story that you know the publication has put out. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold