Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Why did it take so long for Fox News to can Kimberly Guilfoyle who is dating Donald Trump Jr.?
  • The Dallas Morning News had an article about people who go to the stop of skyscrapers and stand on the edge. Moronic. 
  • A Carrollton lawn company made the Drudge Report. (The owner says it is an "old" card.)
  • That's one serious fire. (But my radar goes off every time that happens to a closed restaurant.)
  • Cowboys training camp starts this week and currently on the roster is former Baylor receiver K.D. Cannon -- a guy who managed to get released by three different teams last year without ever playing a down. He posted this a couple of days ago. 
  • Speaking of Cowboys' camp, hasn't Jerry Jones been incredibly out-of-sight this summer? Have I just missed him? Or is it possible his health and energy isn't what it used to be?
  • Paul McCartney walked across the Abbey Road crosswalk yesterday (photos and instagram video in the link). That almost gives me chills. 
  • A couple takes $77,000 through DFW Airport and the FBI seizes it. (The Feds claimed the bag smelled of marijuana which, even if true, is the flimsiest of excuses to take the money.)
  • Uh, because even Texas respected the right to bail so much that they put it in the Texas Constitution? (Don't worry, the DA's office is already trying to get a judge to, for all intents and purposes, make the guy pay more to a bonding company.)
  • It hit 114 in Waco yesterday -- an all time record.
  • I'm more interested in the story about ties than Stormy's divorce . . .