Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Odd thing that happened to me when I walked into the courthouse on Monday: I was asked my opinion about the segment of "Second Date Update" on KSCS where the guy took a first date to a strip club for dinner since he was a VIP member. (I haven't listened to KSCS in years but the podcast of that segment is here.) I haven't listened, but transparently the guy thought it would be funny to do a bit since his date was a former stripper.  Being an expert on bits and relationships (but, of course, not strip clubs), I'm still forming an opinion. 
  • This interactive map is fascinating. The New York Times breaks down in incredible detail the red and blue areas across the country based upon the 2016 presidential election. It looks like the most liberal area in Wise County is the Lake Bridgeport area where only 77% went for Trump.
    Decatur (with the cursor hovering over Lake Bridgeport)
  • I'm not sure about that cross with upside down flags draped over it that Sheriff Joe is sporting.
  • The "State of the Team" by Jerry Jones was uneventful yesterday other than he said the organization will support the Flag and Papa John's.
  • Prediction: Sean Lee will get hurt and miss a significant amount of time. 
  • It looks like the "red flag laws" -- proposals in Texas to keep guns out of the hands of people who are dangerous and give indications of "red flags" about it -- are going no where. And I agree. There is no way you can craft a law which sets a standard of "he shouldn't own a gun." Heck, I know dozens of people I think shouldn't own a gun. 
  • Legal nerd stuff: Texas' highest criminal court will decide if the state's Revenge Porn law, which a lower court struck down, violates the constitutional right to Free Speech. (The winning brief is here.) It's a great question as I've mentioned before. You say something to someone else, they can repeat it. You write a letter to someone, they can share it. It you send a scantily clad photo of yourself to them, why can they distribute it? 
  • Just the other day I said we have heard nothing from the Maverick's new PR person who was brought in with pomp and circumstances to rid the Mavs of inappropriate workplace sexual practices. Well, she stepped in it. For some reason she managed to get involved in an area unrelated to her job and piss off the the Dallas PD.
  • I watched the first episode of Sharp Objects on HBO with Amy Adams. Verdict: Dark, a little slow, but majestically filmed. And it left me wanting Episode Two. (I think I have a thing for Amy Adams.) 
  • Newsweek cover 45 years ago:
  • Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was destroyed yesterday. There is something poetic about his star being next to that of Kevin Spacey (which remains untouched.) 

  • Nutcase Alex Jones is having some of his videos banned by Youtube. That's fine. A private company can ban whoever they wish. 
  • Trump doesn't understand the relationship between a private company and the First Amendment. "Shadow banning", even if true, is not illegal by any stretch of the imagination. 
  • On the other hand, you should be extremely disturbed by the White House banning a CNN reporter yesterday for asking tough questions about Trump trying to silence the Playboy model he "allegedly" had an affair with. It is the job of the press to ask tough questions -- especially tough questions directed towards the government. 
  • No one hates Baylor more than the Star-Telegram's Mac Engel. But that is his right . . .