Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • I don't think any news source has this story: Mark Cuban served on a DWI jury this week which returned a Not Guilty verdict.
  • This one slipped through the cracks on me. Six hundred pounds is a lot of weed. Source: WFAA. (Which, by the way, may have the biggest train wreck of a web site in the metroplex.)
    (And DPS stole another sign!)
  • The Travis County DA's office is losing murder cases, and the DA is trying to explain. "[She] said her office risks more trial losses than before, because she has encouraged her prosecutors to present more cases to juries rather than accepting plea agreements . . . .  Though risky, taking cases to trial is important, [she] said, because it can provide a litmus test into how severely members of the community think a crime should be penalized." Girl, I think the community is telling you that you are presenting crappy cases which can't be proven. 
  • Late yesterday: "Amazon earnings explode to record profits." That company is going to rule the world and make Trump, who hates Amazon, so sad.
  • I saw a Runaway Bay cop car running Code Three into Bridgeport and then turn onto 101 towards Chico yesterday afternoon. Why?
  • "I'm insane now."
  • The two officers who used a coin flip to determine whether to arrest a speeder (actually, they arrested her despite the results of the coin flip) were finally fired. Their attitudes on video, in general, were firing-worthy.
  • This is a bad sign: The official temperature only got to a low of 86 this morning
  • Trump is in panic mode again on Twitter this morning. (There was news last night his former lawyer is prepared to testify Trump knew beforehand about the Trump Tower meeting between the Russians, Trump, Jr., Kushner, and Manafort to get dirt on Hillary. Never forget that Trump Jr. even released emails -- right before the New York Times did -- that the meeting was to be "part of Russia and its government's support for Mr. Trump.") 
  • Rudy Giuliani on May 6, 2018: Cohen "is an honest, honorable lawyer."
  • The Rangers traded Cole Hamels to the Cubs last night after agreeing to send "a significant amount of cash to cover Hamels’ salary."  Would you start Hamels in a meaningful game? (And you would have thought the Cubs would have learned their lesson after signing Yu Darvish this year. Darvish has been on the disabled list since May and there "is no timeline for him to return.")
  • I've yet to get the back story, but I saw some original architectural drawings of the Wise County Courthouse in its basement yesterday. I think County Judge J.D. Clark is behind a plan to put them on display. (The one of the second story which used to have a balcony fascinates me.)
  • Big GDP numbers were just released. Trump is giddy. Says he will hold a press conference "soon". A "press conference" means he stands up there and takes questions. There is no way that is going to happen. 
  • There is a football camp for grades 2 through 9  held on Decatur ISD property. The cost is $70 to $80. Question: Where does the money go? 
  • That San Marcos fire has been kind of under the radar . . .