Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump lost his mind again last night by threatening another country on Twitter. (But the last time he threatened someone with "fire and fury" they became BFFs.)
  • And the rest of his tweeting was just as crazy (since Friday he is up to 21 as of this writing). He went with the "witch hunt" narrative over a half dozen times, attacked the FBI and Justice Department, signed one tweet "your favorite president", and went back to calling the Russian meddling a "big hoax."
  • Uh, people who aren't very smart and people who don't have a choice?
  • Sports: (1) A New York Met was placed on the DL with "hand, foot and mouth" disease, (2) An evil and/or oblivious guy steals a foul ball from a kid and soon will become infamous (or maybe not), (3) There's something about Jordan Spieth that makes me not like him, (4) I didn't realize that three Wise County high school football teams made the playoffs last year with three total wins or less.
  • The Messenger has a Wise County "history" page every weekend. From it, I learned this movie was playing in Decatur 50 years ago this week. A quick glance showed there was some crazy and cheezy movies which came out in the late '60s. 
  • Trump's Supreme Court nominee once stressed at a round table discussion that United States vs. Nixon, the case requiring the soon to resign president to turn over his Oval Office audio recordings, may have been "erroneously" decided. It was an 8-0 decision. The nomination now makes sense.
  • I don't know why I'm fascinated by this dinner photo randomly taken during the high school coach's clinic going on in Houston. Maybe it's the photo on the wall tying the whole thing together. 
  • It was awful that a Dallas cop was killed during a funeral procession on Saturday. But minor side note: The Chief of Police said the person who ran into him was arrested on "suspicion of DWI". She, of all people, should know no one is arrested on simply a "suspicion."
  • FBC Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, in one of his many Fox News appearances instead of preparing for sermons or attending to his flock, said over the weekend that he supports Trump just like he supported Reagan who was a "womanizer" as well.
  • Kudos to Lone Star Park for shutting down the races over the weekend in order to protect the horses. 
  • And Trump does weird things -- like deleting the Tweet from Saturday night. Why?: 
  • Sweetie Pie's restaurant on the square in Decatur had put up a hanging sign that said there was never any waiting for a table. I thought that was odd because (1) it seemed to be a promise that would be hard to keep or (2) a very odd selling point if it were true. It's now gone. 
  • Messenger: Above The Fold.