Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I had a buddy dropped by my office with enough home grown tomatoes to feed an army yesterday. 
  • Considering the fact there are a krillion cars on the road, and I've never heard of an explosion, I'm going to go with "no."
  • Twin Peaks Biker update: Of the 155 cases indicted only 28 remain. No convictions. No plea bargains negotiated. And to add insult to injury, the Dumbest DA in the State also filed 26 civil forfeiture cases in an attempt to take bikers' property. Sixteen of those have been dismissed. No forfeitures have been successfully litigated. 
  • Here is an Austin judge who is begging to be reversed: A guy is on trial for his life and the judge says, "We'll limit the trial to two weeks." Good luck with that. 
  • NBA draftee Trae Young is a weird case. For the first half of his freshman season at OU last year, he looked like the second coming of Steph Curry. During the second half, he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. The fifth pick in the NBA draft made his debut last night in a summer league game and went 4 of 20 overall and 1 of 11 from the three point range.
  • Liberal Alan Dershowitz, who decided to be a Trump defender on Fox News to try to become relevant again, is upset that some his friends have turned on him.  “McCarthyism [has] come to Martha’s Vineyard,” he wrote in an op-ed. “Either you are for Trump or against him, and that is all some people need to know to make judgments about you . . . . I know this because I have experienced this firsthand on Martha’s Vineyard . . . . [T]hey are shunning me and trying to ban me from their social life on Martha’s Vineyard.” Oh the horror!!!! I pray that none of you get your feelings hurt while you "summer" at Martha's Vineyard.
    Dershowitz helping O.J. back in the day.
  • But he is getting his expected beat down online:
  • Side note: I went to Martha's Vineyard once. I took a ferry over to it and then rented a moped to explore it. I felt pretty high tone  -- at least as high tone as you can get on a moped. (And it occurred to me that place has to feel like Siberia in the winter.) 
  • Mrs. LL planned to take part in some "gladiator" training this morning at 5:00 a.m. She discovered that setting the alarm for 5:10 instead of 4:10 will put a hitch in that plan. 
  • It wouldn't be near as interesting if someone just stole it: 
  • I saw this development in Allen featured in an article (probably a paid ad) in the Dallas Morning News. Look at the size of the homes, and they come on a lot that is 55 feet across. And how do people even afford that? A current 30 year fixed mortgage rate is 4.625%. So the second home on the list -- the second cheapest one -- at $464,990 has a mortgage payment of $2,391 before including the escrow of taxes (ballpark at $11,000 annually) and insurance (ballpark at $1,900 annually). So now we have a monthly payment around $3,400 per month. And be prepared for the appraised value, and thus your escrow, to only go up.
  • Oh, throw in a couple of car payments and insurance, gas, electric bill, internet, satellite, lawn care, water bill, clothing, a little thing called food, etc. Anyone want to be a Millineal? 
  • This "lady" is catching heat for killing a rare black giraffe. Her name is Tess Thompson Talley.
  • In case I forget tomorrow, I want to remind everyone of one of the worst movies in the history of movies: 
  • The discovery of the boys being alive in the Thailand cave is amazing. But now there is a huge problem of getting them out. There is some talk to waiting until the water recedes but that would be in October!