Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • As of this writing, wisecounty.com is down.  The hosting company is Verio -- the worst hosting company in America. 
  • We have entered the "Get off my lawn" stage:
  • Official metroplex body count on area lakes: One drowning on Lake Lewisville, one on Lake Granbury and one of Grapevine Lake. 
  • When is the last time we've had a drowning on Lake Bridgeport?
  • The news keeps referring to the wild fire in Palo Pinto County as a "surprise fire." Aren't all wild fires surprises?
  • Trump was off the rails last night in one of his Klan pep rallies as he offensively confused DNA testing with a Rape Kit and managed to insult the #MeToo movement at the same time.
  • The incredibly corrupt EPA Chief, Scott Pruitt, finally resigned yesterday. But take a look at his very odd resignation letter. I kept expecting him to refer to Trump as, "Me Lord."

  • A lady from Dallas has been all over the news for shooting a guy in the head (he didn't die) after he tried to steal her car with her kids inside it. That reminded me of the very odd Texas law that allows the use of deadly force when the victim reasonably believes deadly force is necessary to prevent theft during the nighttime
  • Very random memory: Ant farms.
  • Last night a former Thai Navy SEAL died from lack of oxygen while working on getting those kids out of the cave. That situation is going to get worse.
  • I have absolutely no interest in this story.
  • Over the last couple of days, local media tweeted/posted on their web sites about an ice cream company bringing back a product and failed to disclose it was a paid ad. Those guilty: Fox 4, WFAA, Star-Telegram, and Dallas Morning News.
  • I saw one of their vans in Wise County yesterday: 
  • I think it's weird that some people brush their teeth in the shower.