Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Well, it's the 4th of July, and the hardest working man in show business is here again. 
  • The Declaration of Independence has 1,458 words.
  • Uh, oh. He got triggered. And (1) It is "pore" not "pour"; and (2) He never wrote a book. His "co-author", whose name is on the cover, did.
  • Alan Diaz, who took this famous photo, died yesterday. (Side note: What was the Clinton Administration thinking?)
  • I'm very confused by the following. Doesn't a burn ban cover fireworks? Can you declare a "disaster" as an end around before there is an actual disaster? Wouldn't this Order ban the official fireworks display that was planned for the county last night? I truly don't know what the reference to "fuel loading" means.
  • I'm sad the good puppy dog died, but I bet they have had many "Dukes." That ad campaign has been going on a long, long time. 
  • A new trial was denied in a a Dallas case which involves a huge verdict and a Decatur lawyer. (Now they just have to hold onto it during appeal.)
  • I bet he'll hate the jail food. (He is the former co-owner of the Reata.) 
  • This got to 2,000 acres yesterday and you could see the smoke off to the West of Wise County all day. 
  • I don't watch Fox News that often, but have they pretty much banned "Sheriff Clarke?"
  • Weird weather last night. After a day of only a mild breeze, this happened: "The wind canceled the Southlake fireworks show within minutes into the show, while other cities, Midlothian, Arlington and Waxahachie delayed their start time. One of the biggest firework shows in the country, Kaboom Town in Addison, also experienced about a half-hour delay."
  • Under the radar: A police chief in a small Texas town near San Antonio (pop. 1,500) was murdered four years ago and the DA indicated she would seek the death penalty. After a new DA, and every expert saying the defendant was insane, the judge was forced to find him not guilty this week.
  • MessengerAbove The Fold. (I just noticed that since the paper has gone to solely "All Around Wise" mid-week, they have relabeled it as "Volume 1.")
  • "If not for me, we would now be at war with North Korea." - Donald Trump. I guess that's true. Put another way, "Since I didn't act like a madman, bad things didn't happen to all of you."
  • I'm beginning to think the New York Daily News doesn't like Trump: