Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Remember that story where fliers were found on cars near a sheriff's department precinct in the Houston-area and the office announced a deputy was hospitalized for possible fentanyl exposure after he touched it? Well, there was no fentanyl
  • Ted Cruz must be worried about his election. He's coming out against a Republican Nazi:
    "Do I look like a Nazi?"
  • This is the case where the officer fired, without justification, into a car leaving a party. Let me tell you something, if there is a jury panel of 100 people and the judge asks them how many people have heard of the case, less than 10 hands will go up. (And of those, only one or two will say they can't be fair.)
  • I saw a Wise County Sheriff's office boat out at Lake Bridgeport on Saturday. I'm not sure I knew they had one. 
  • I bought four reading glasses online as part of a package under $20. Each one is different. But I did have a George Costanza moment when Mrs. LL looked at me the other day and asked, "Are those women's glasses?"
  • Runaway Bay had its fireworks display on Saturday. Let me register the same complaint that I do every year: Does firework technology ever change? That's the same stuff I saw as a kid.
  • And the Wise County Sheriff's Office last weekend was inundated with phone calls of illegal fireworks and grass fires. Question: Does a dispatcher want to work on those days or would they prefer a slow day?
  • Still a great bit: The New York Mets again made their annual payment to Bobby Bonilla of $1,193,248.20 on Saturday.  The Mets bought him out in 2000 by deferring the annual $1.19 million payments beginning in 2011 and ending in 2035. (He hasn't played baseball since 2001.)
  • Trump had a another let-me-just-make-stuff-up tweet over the weekend. Could he please name one U.S. town that was liberated by ICE? (And the only gang he has ever heard of is MS-13.)
  • I don't care about Major League Baseball but this is a weird, weird stat. Something has happened twice this year that had never happened before in the history of MLB.
  • Michael Jackson's daughter is 20:
  • What has happened to the second-dumbest-lawyer-in-America, Rudy Giuliani? Once he was hired by Trump to defend him in the Russian investigation, you couldn't turn on the TV without seeing him doing an interview. (Perhaps blurting out that Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen $130,000 for paying off Stormy Daniels wasn't a good start to the attorney-client relationship.)
  • Where are Tarrant County valedictorians and salutatorians going to college? (Hint: Not Baylor):

  • I know someone who is attending a wedding in Manhattan next week. The reception is in a hotel near Broadway and, get this: The cost of feeding the guests is $250 per plate. (Maximum of two per person.)
  • Wise County Messenger: Above The Fold