Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • A Tarrant County man who was wrongfully convicted and spent 19 years behind bars was finally set officially free by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. The State used evidence that was not true. 
  • I'm glad I'm out of the dating business.
  • I'd pay money to see this: 
  • There is a person who is attempting to run as an Independent for the DA's position in Waco. But it is not going to happen: He "reported Wednesday that he discovered he mistakenly filed his intent to run for office with McLennan County Judge Scott Felton’s office instead of the Texas Secretary of State’s Office." He works for Baylor Law School. Good grief. 
  • A McKinney City Councilman was arrested for not signing a traffic ticket. That is, indeed, the law. I'm more surprised McKinney elected a black man with dreadlocks. 
  • This Cohen case (Trump's lawyer) is insane. He was paid by major companies, including ATT, for access to Trump, and now we learn one of the companies registered a bunch of white nationalist domain names. 
  • "A dozen TCU students have been suspended during final exams week after being accused of using a popular study app to cheat, according to the school."
  • I've learned a faithful blog reader was on that Irish Traveller's case I mentioned a couple of days ago. (For you Ticket fans, there was a constant reference to "Fat Joe" during the trial, and he wanted to laugh every time.)