Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I said Michael Cohen was the worst lawyer in America. I retract that. It is Rudy Giuliani who is ignorantly throwing his client. Donald Trump, under the bus every time he appears on TV. Here is a tip: Stay off TV.
  • For those who missed it, Giuliani said he couldn't rule out other women being paid off other than Stormy Daniels.
  • Speaking of shooting yourself in the leg: 
  • Ouch:
  • That volcano eruption on the Big Island in Hawaii is crazy: 
  • This is beyond impressive. (And I even know who David Clyde is):
  • I'm at a municipal judge seminar (I hate seminars), but this has been fantastic so far. Highlights
    • We had a speaker talk about how to deal with unstable people. Treat them with respect. 
    • We had someone talk about how to spot autistic people and whether it is legal to deal with them differently. He has an autistic son.
    • One line: "Have you read the DSM-5? The only thing more boring is Tolstoy." I was the only one in the room who laughed. 
    • Something said: "Bodycams reward good officers."
    • One speaker went on a tangent about how people spend too much time on their phones. "Go to a restaurant and look at a table. No one is talking. They are all looking at their phones." The judge beside me was texting and didn't hear a word he said at that moment. 
  • Sheesh:
  • Here are the results for Saturday's municipal election in Wise County. The turnout is shockingly embarrassing. But look at tiny Runaway Bay. Comparatively, the turnout was huge. At least they care out there. 
  • And why in the world do we have a different date for the run-off election for county/precinct positions on a different date (May 22nd). Why not do last Saturday when all the voting locations were staffed? 
  • This Irish Travellers case, which led to a civil case verdict last week in Tarrant County, needs to be read by everyone. The last I heard they were in White Settlement, but I don't know if they are still there.