Random Tuesday Morning Thought

  • This seminar is nothing like I thought it would be. The speakers are energetic and fantastic.  The whole theme is to follow the rules and treat people with respect. 
  • Did you that there is a defense to Public Intoxication if a doctor has prescribed alcohol to you? Anyone else confused?
  • I haven't been to the pool but when I walked by it they were playing the Margaritaville Station off of satellite radio. Kill me.
  • This is a crazy story:
  • Oil hit $70 yesterday.
  • I haven't done a Tucker Carlson dumb face tweet in a while. I saw one last night: 
  • The New Yorker publishes an article about the abuse of women by New York's AG Eric Schneiderman abusing women. He resigned within four hours. Who would have thought that a Democrat would take immediate responsibility?
  • Flashback from the President of the United States. At least he doesn't have fake hair:
  • Your federal government:
  • I am now of the belief Tony Romo is the equivalent of a millennial. He "sent a sincere message" to Jason Witten but publishes it on Twitter. And he called him "bro". Talk to him in private instead of doing a "look at me" message". 
  • To all Texas state government employees: The state is probably making pension/retirement promises that they won't be able to keep.