Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I really don't know anything about Garry Shandling and never watched anything he was in, but the one hour of the HBO documentary I saw last night, The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling, is one of the most powerful things I've ever seen. It's about mental health. 
  • How does a walkout by students at Northwest's Eaton High School because of gun violence turn ugly by some dumb students bringing out Confederate flags?
  • I love the Dallas mayor. There was a hearing yesterday in front of the city council where Railroad Commission representatives were there to answer questions about the Atmos Energy gas line crisis. Of course, they didn't have a clue since they were unprepared government employees who are just collecting a check.  After being frustrated, he told them "I'm trying to figure out what our state Railroad Commission does for a living." (The Ticket always jokingly plays the theme from The Sopranos whenever they talk about him. He looked like a mob boss yesterday when he went after those incompetent people.)
  • I didn't know they were lost in 1960:
  • There is no weirder unsolved case in the metroplex than that of Missy Beavers. She was the woman murdered before an early morning workout class by someone dressed as a security guard. Her husband gave an interview about the case to KXAS where he said on the day of the murder he was coming back from a fishing trip in Mississippi and was in a car "for eight hours with . . .  this [the murder] on my mind with" he pauses "relatively no communication." Mrs. LL and I did the slow head turn to each other at that moment. KXAS was clear: "He is not a suspect."
  • What is going on?  Are these modern day money changers? Modern day Pharisees and Sadducees?
  • Speaking of. I'll say it for the millionth time: How the Board of Deacons of FBC Dallas has not fired this guy is a mystery. And the replies to this tweet are brutally true.
  • Stormy Daniels' lawyer is intimidating. If he ever gets the right to depose Trump, making it a pay per view broadcast would be the biggest money maker in the history of pay per views. And Trump is dumb enough to do it if he knew it was going to be on TV.
  • Spurs' coach Gregg Popovich's wife has died. Maybe that is why he is always grumpy in interviews. He knew something that was coming that we didn't. 
  •  I will always love his speech to the players in the huddle during a timeout in a playoff game. "Keep pounding that rock! Keep pounding that rock!" Meaning: It does not matter how hard and tough a rock is, if you keep pounding it you will eventually find the fissure and it will split. 
  • I mentioned last week that the courthouse is having upgraded outdoor cameras installed. They can see who walks in my office. Someone told me I need to install one on the front of my office building and point it at the courthouse and do a bullet point that says, "Now, I'm watching who comes and goes. And when." 
  • I'm now fascinated by the old white man's "thumb up" photo. From yesterday:
  • I got into a ridiculous Twitter fight last night about prayer, and it boiled down to this: The Bible tells us, in the words from Jesus no less, to pray in private. If you take the Bible at its literal word, you can't pray in public. (Pause right now and think about that.) But what if you obey God's Word by doing so, but you want to tell another person you prayed for them in private? Is this like violating the attorney/client privilege? Can you disclose what you told God in private? 
  • Some stranger chimed in on the Twitter fight and said that I "should pray someone doesn't whip [my] ass" for being a smart aleck. That's a pretty good comeback.