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Every Single Person Should Watch This

In the very, very near future, no one will know what is real and what is fake. (I know most want wish to play it because it is Barak Hussein Obama but it is not what you think.)

And with the dumbing down of America, this could get scary.

(I'll give BagOfNothing guy credit. He was all over this a long time ago.)


Anonymous said...

I think it's funny that you folks still think there were all these undecided country bumpkin voters fooled by fake news into not voting for Hillary!!! This was an election with zero people on the fence!!!

Anonymous said...


Harry Hamid said...

1:27: I don't think it was "country bumpkins," necessarily, who were undecideds. I'm as surprised as anyone when a modern President's approval rating moves 10 points (seriously - 10% of the people changed their mind one way or the other?). However...

If you look at the places where states were flipped, it looked like working class manufacturing folks might have flipped their vote.

I was undecided about whether I could vote for Clinton. I wouldn't have voted for Trump, but I vote Green often enough that I did not know walking into the voting booth whether I would be able to stomach voting for Hillary Clinton.

And according to at least some reports, people like me were targeted on facebook.

I still won't answer the question about whether I voted for Stein or Clinton because of the kneejerk reactions it can get either way from people I know. I loathed Clinton, but a lot of people who loathed her voted for her and admit it. If I used facebook, i would have been ripe for targeting.

Anonymous said...

No, 1:27, it's not about Hillary. It's about how folks are easily sandbagged, influenced,and fed bs which they take as Holy Gospel without verification.

For example, I have acquaintances who still believe today that:
1. Obama is a Muslim.
2. Obama is a Communist.
3. Obama is a Socialist.
4. Obama is both Commie & Socialist (huhhh?)
5. Obama is Kenyan born
6. Obama is Indonesian born
7. Obama is Chinese (huhhh?)
8. Michelle Obama is a man
9. Pizzagate is real
10. Obama did a secret deal to let U.N. troops take over America
11. There are Wal-Mart tunnels
12. Operation Jade Helm to take over Texas was real.
13. Illegal aliens are coming across the border with un-born ISIS babies in them.
14. The right to carry weapons was something Jesus taught

And much, much more insanity. So excuse me if I worry about what new lie Faux News, or Rush, or Alex Jones, or other lying liars feed those who can be hoodwinked.

DF The Truth and Nothing But the Truth

Anonymous said...

I'm not single, but I watched it anyway.

Anonymous said...

Alright 4:03, go sit over there for a while.


Anonymous said...

1:27 need to get better friends!!! I have a diverse crew of friends on both sides of the aisle and don't know anyone who believes any of that. My conservative friends will play those up just to jack with liberals but they know it's bunk. It's kind of playing fun with our fringe just to goad you guys. Anywho those folks are a tiny minority and nobody takes them serious.

All my liberal friends voted Hillary and were terrified of Trump, all my conservative friends voted Trump and not once did I talk to anyone on the fence. A few like me just protest voted. Believing the majority of Trump voters were duped by conspiracy theories is just as piss ignorant as believing most minorities are criminals!

Anonymous said...

I’m bringing back Unit 71 at the LBJ Grasslands.

Anonymous said...

I knew people that believed several of the conspiracy theories out there, including the PizzaGate one, which was the most outlandish and seemingly fake. Hey, you didn’t like Hillary and vote conservative 100% of the time, fine. But why on earth is Trump the man to support. He is sleazy, dishonest, a bully and had no realistic plans to make improvements for our country.

Why Kasich couldn’t get more votes (or even Jeb) is what makes me lose faith in our electorate.

Anonymous said...

I watched his lips move for 8 years. I don't need to watch another one minute and 13 seconds.

Anonymous said...

And once again 6:32, your ignorance and preconcieved notions cause you to miss the point entirely. But to be completely fair, you couldn't understand what was happening anyway.

Anonymous said...

Why? Already am aware of this.

Anonymous said...

You are right Barry, even little kids using inhalators in all 57 states should view it.

Not Sam

Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you 324 but this last election was nowhere near about Obama. As a matter of fact Obama won two elections so your point is not making much sense

Anonymous said...

Barry is a hysterical fool.

Anonymous said... might pay to read lips and that may be a good career choice to root out the fake news