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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • The great R. Lee Ermey has died.
  • The bombing of Syria is right out of Wag The Dog
  • Those familiar with the history of the Southern Baptist Convention, and I certainly am, know who this man is. Story
  • I had our big dead tree cut down and the stump grinded for $600. Mrs. LL set up the deal. She might be the best business person in history and not know it yet. It was "interesting" that the company that did it would only take cash. 
  • On Friday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders might have had the worst press conference ever defending Trump. She was sweating. Her hair was a mess. She attacked the FBI. And, oddly, when someone asked her an expected question, she would read from a script that was obviously written by someone else. Let me give her some advice: Walk away from that job. Now. 
  • Regarding Sanders and Trump constantly attacking the FBI, here's a flashback to 2016:
  • Art Bell has died. For those West of the Rockies, you have my thoughts and prayers.
  • My oddest moment of the weekend (and the year): I'm in Walmart. A guy, probably in his late 20s asks, "Does the name Tom mean anything to you?" At this point, I'm already irritated, but I'm polite and simply say, "No." He says, "I'm a Christian and sometimes I feel things. Is there anything I can pray for you about?" Me (in a CashMeOutside-HowAboutThat voice): "Nope."
  • Someone made this comment on Friday: "Barry doesn't care what you believe, he just hates hypocrites and liars." No truer words have ever been spoken. 
  • Unless they are looking at the forecast from the National Weather Service in order to repeat it, I don't believe this photo caption: 
  • I heard this on the radio the other day (paraphrasing): "We will not know the damage that social media is doing to our kids until 20 years from now. But perhaps the kids today, once they become parents, will be smart enough to tell the to simply 'keep off of it.'"
  • In some of the weirdest news of the weekend, Trump's lawyer negotiated a $1.6 million settlement for a Republican donor who impregnated a Playboy model. Then the donor issued a statement to apologize but candidly actually used the term "Playboy Playmate" as his paramour.  That's kind of like saying "I'm a bad guy" but I want you to know she was really, really hot. 
  • And more news about Trump's lawyer: He might have secretly recorded conversations and that's why his office was raided via search warrant. One may have been with his negotiations with Stormy's lawyer. He is truly the Dumbest Lawyer In America. 
  • Even George W. Bush wouldn't pardon Scooter Libby for lying. Trump did so on Friday. 
  • Me telling Mrs. LL, who just turned 40, that she needed to know Elvis died at age 42 led to a "What is wrong with you?" moment. 
  • I know Joel Osteen is scam artist, but I also think the same thing about the "Elevate Life" church. After watching Olsteen on Sunday, a commercial came on from their "pastor" Keith Craft who said they were "no longer on TV" after Olsteen's show and that the church had moved from Frisco to McKinney and are now meeting in a Middle School building. That sounds like a church going under. Anyone have any info?
  • He didn't testify as I said he had to in the Grapevine murder case. The verdict will come down today, and I'll bet the house it is guilty of murder. 
  • American Gothic. Pure Genius:
  • I watched the Andre the Giant documentary that just came out. It is fantastic.