Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a shooting on a DART train in downtown Dallas this morning. 
  • Realignment. There are four districts in 4A with only four teams in each district.That means those 16 teams are guaranteed to make the playoffs this Fall. Truly, one or more could go 0-10 and get in.
  • In other realignment news, a 6A school in Amarillo got put in a district with two Midland and two Odessa schools. According to Google maps, the distance between Odessa and Amarillo is 260 miles taking 3 hours and 56 minutes. And that, of course, is one way.
  • This just happened. Here's a GIF.  Here's a full video with audio which is insane. 
  • TCU and Gary Patterson are being sued by a former receiver claiming he was rushed back from injury causing him to lose out on an NFL career. He also claimed that Patterson threatened to release him if he didn't play against Texas and they lost. 
  • $36,238: The starting salary for new correctional officers in Texas penitentiaries. And that's with a new increase.
  • On this Groundhog Day, let's remember that Groundhog Day was released 25 years ago. And it will be forever more entertaining than the appearance of the real overgrown rat every year.
  • This tragic story finally came to an end last night. But he even taunted his ex-wife moments before his execution.
  • It's Super Bowl weekend. What did D Magazine predict before the season?:
  • Bridgeport ended, at least for now, the annual football game with Decatur. I didn't know their enrollments were so disproportionate. Decatur has 910. Bridgeport has 642. Edit: Someone said my data is old and they are right (it's from 2016). The new numbers are 1,054 and 651. Bridgeport just growing by nine students seems odd.