Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Hey you gun guys, you believe this?
  • More sign theft -- this time near Amarillo. (You know, I've never been on I-40 which runs from Amarillo to Oklahoma City. Heck, it actually runs from almost Los Angeles all the way to the coast of South Carolina): 
  • There was the craziest wreck in Saginaw on Sunday morning. Some guy is at an ATM when a guy in big truck comes barreling into the parking lot. Both the driver and the ATM customer were killed. 

  • A few weeks back, I mentioned a Bridgeport couple who had died at a Best Western in Perryton because of carbon monoxide poisoning.  However, there was basically no media coverage of it. Well, the Charlotte Observer, of all papers, did a big story on it a week ago. The couple was Patricia and David Ivie.
  • There are now 36 Republican Congressmen who have announced they will not seek re-election. 
  • In July, the Senate voted to impose sanctions on Russia by a vote of 98-2. The House agreed with a vote of 419-3. Yesterday was the last day for Trump to approve. He didn't. Is there any question that Russia has the goods on Trump. He's a puppet. 
  • Trump gives his State of the Nation Union speech tonight. Let's take a look back at what Nixon said in one of his: 
  • I mentioned yesterday that Texas Monthly was taking heat for essentially receiving $25,000 in social media advertising from Bumble  in exchange for being on the cover. A funny thing has happened. Yesterday I got my issue and, although there is a huge story about Bumble in it, Bumble wasn't on the cover. Below is what it was supposed to look like and what I received. Did they spike the cover at the last minute?

  • The stock market dropped 177 points yesterday. Futures this morning have it dropping 227 points. Uh. Oh. 
  • The Wise County Commissioners approved the courthouse security plan yesterday that I mentioned two weeks ago. Man, funneling everyone into the basement through one metal detector on jury selection days will be maddening.