Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I'm always on the look out for ads disguised as news stories. Well, Texas Monthly, which obtained a new owner last year, has put its foot in the water by putting the CEO of Bumble on the cover in exchange for that company spending $25,000 to promote the story on social media. The underlying Texas Monthly staff is not pleased. 
  • The last Blockbuster in Texas (Edinburg) has closed
  • I watched the first episode of Waco -- about the Branch Davidians -- and it was really good. The first episode spent a lot of time on ATF's screw up at Ruby Ridge and how they were desperate to redeem themselves.
  • Dr. Suess would not have appreciated Trump's "No refugees!" policy because he didn't like our isolationist policy in during World War II. And check out her shirt!
  • According to the Messenger, two guys showed up in the early morning hours just to video the Bridgeport PD building and Decatur PD building. They were looking for a confrontation.
  • Those guys normally have their ducks in a row because almost always the cops come out and ask for IDs. The response is, "Am I being detained?" They ask that because 99% of the time there is no reason to legally detain them, and you don't have to show your ID to an officer unless detained or under arrest. Edit: I might be wrong about this. Even if detained, you don't have to ID yourself. It takes an arrest.
  • This is from the Morning News. I don't remember a measles outbreak in Newark.
  • I was in Home Depot this weekend and saw and older gentleman with a t-shirt on that read, "The Church Has Left The Building."
  • Prices at the NHL "Fan Fest." Nine dollars for Dipping Dots? 
  • Oh, my: 
  • A Tarrant County family court judge sure is getting creative in the area of fundraising:
  • I mentioned Kenneth Copeland getting a G5 last week. Get this: "Copeland, a member of Trump’s Faith Advisory Council, will speak at a prayer breakfast at an Army base February 1st. He claims PTSD doesn't afflict True Believers."