Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Harley Davidson announced it is shutting down its Harley Davidson plant on the same day as the stock market plunged 383 points. #winning
  • Trump's State of the Union speech was the second longest in 50 years.  You can't do that these days especially when the average American's attention span is at an all time low.
  • I stumbled on an Elvis movie last night, Roustabout, which is incredibly rare to do despite the fact that he made 31 films. You know, it had a ton of sexual innuendos in it. 
  • A group of four of us at the courthouse yesterday struggled to remember the name of a Wise County probation officer who has been with the office for over 10 years. Someone had to consult a directory to give us the answer.
  • Time waste: Remember the case where the Fort Worth PD officer got suspended for handcuffing the mother in the street. Well, the neighbor which allegedly grabbed her son by the neck is on trial before a jury with two prosecutors in municipal court for the Class C offense of "offensive touching." And get this, the lead investigator who issued the ticket way after the incident occurred was asked if he, "issued [it] because of the [media] attention or because the case met the elements of the alleged crime." His response: "That I cannot answer." It's over.
  • NBA star Blake Griffin was traded for the Clippers to the Pistons this week. I don't care about the NBA, but even I feel sorry for a millionaire who is forced to go from L.A. to Detroit. 
  • Love the goofy commentors yesterday who believe my "DPS stole a road sign" bit is sincere. "Bless your heart" (and you know what that means.)
  • Someone pointed out that the carbon monoxide story regarding the Bridgeport couple was in the Star-Telegram last week. I thought I saw that, too. But I Googled "Perryton carbon monoxide star-telegram" and it didn't show up. Today I went to ST search bar on its site an searched "Perryton carbon" and got nothing. 
  • Only four of the nine Supreme Court justices attended the State of the Union last night.
  • I'll admit, when Trump just reads from the teleprompter the words written by others, he comes across pretty good. But that is not him. It is when he free styles is when we learn how shallow he really is. 
  • But the neo-Nazis loved this line of his speech (written by neo-Nazi Stephen Miller):
  • Trump told the people affected by natural disasters, specifically Puerto Rico, “We love you. We are with you." Today, FEMA officially shuts off any new food and water to Puerto Rico.
  • The NFL is a money machine. There is news today that Fox has acquired Thursday night football for a reported $550 million per year for five years.
  • "Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into allegations of sexual abuse that took place at USA Gymnastics’ national team training center at Karolyi Ranch. Abbott called on the Texas Rangers . . .  to handle the probe into claims of molestation at the facility by former gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar." Why? If there is not a single allegation of abuse by someone other than Nassar then this is a waste of time. Nassar already will never get out of prison.