Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Weather guy David Finfrock is going part-time. Now if Delkus would do it. 
  • To work for Kenneth Copeland you must now pledge not to have sex outside of marriage, view porn, drink alcohol, smoke, cuss, or gamble. 
  • Never forget Fox News portrayal of Robert Mueller when he was first appointed as special counsel:
  • Trump is on Twitter this morning and started off by slinging some truth (so long as you don't take into account President Obama drew more viewers in his first State of the Union speech as did the first ones by Bush and Clinton):
  • The Wise County murder trial ended in a guilty verdict and a life sentence. That's what I thought would happen three weeks ago. The original Messenger story from the time of the arrest seemed to indicate the evidence was overwhelming. And considering the fact he had a prior Injury to a Child conviction, he was doomed. (I think he has to serve at least 30 real years, but it's been awhile since I've looked at the specific parole laws for murder. And I don't think this was a capital murder case where there is life without parole requirement if the death penalty is waived.)
  • Today is UIL re-alignment day with the announcement of the new composition of districts coming at 9:00. Bridgeport and Decatur need to be back in the same district.
  • The next government shutdown date is February 8th and neither Republicans or Democrats seem to be thinking about it. 
  • The female mayor of Nashville admits to having an affair with her former security chief. Since 2015, the security chief has earned $119,000 a year in "overtime" and they took nine trips alone together last year costing taxpayers $14,000.
  • There's been lots of talk about the Republican Memo regarding the FBI that Trump is reviewing for release. Now there's an allegation that Trump lapdog Rep. Devin Nunes altered the memo before giving it to Trump.
  • A streaker hit the fairway at the famous 16th hole at the Phoenix Open. (This must have been the Pro-Am yesterday.) There is a video of it which seems "safe for work" and it's one of the longer streaking sessions you'll ever see. 
  • Here's a list of films released 24 years ago just to make you feel old.