Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It's a cold morning for that to happen
  • Someone told me a story of three people dying a few months back due to an incident at a Best Western in Perryton when the indoor pool malfunctioned and carbon monoxide was released upwards into the rooms above the pool. Two of those people were from Bridgeport. There is very, very little coverage of this event. 
  • A Canadian judge resigned after remarking to law students "that she felt uncomfortable having to walk into a room 'full of big dark people' during judicial dispute resolutions, and that she was used to being in an 'ivory tower,' where she’s 'removed from the riff raff.'” (Good. Although I'm of the firm belief that "riff raff" is a funny term.)
  • The White House doctor who performed Trump's annual checkup said that Trump asked him to give him a cognitive test. There is no way Trump knows the word "cognitive."
  • The Wise County marijuana bust has now made it to the DFW news outlets. They need to ask why the WCSO stole the 287 sign. 
  • Trump's porn star girlfriend, who he saw while he was married, spoke to Slate in 2016.
  • Dallas lawyer Doug Mulder has died. He might be most famous for being a prosecutor on a case which led to the movie A Thin Blue Line detailing how the conviction, which included a death sentence, was wrongful.  When I was DA in the the 1990s he actually came up to my office. He was representing a guy in a drug case where there had been a seizure of the defendant's car. He wanted to give the State the car in exchange for a lenient sentence on the criminal case. I said, "It sounds like your trying to negotiate the criminal case and civil case together." His reply, "That's exactly what I'm doing."
  • Wow: Washington State quarterback Tyler Hilinski has committed suicide. He was a sophomore who started at the end of the year including the Holiday Bowl. 
  • Let's see what Trump is doing this morning: 
  • Bonham ISD has shut down school for a week because of a flu outbreak. 
  • National Park News: Nearly all members of a board advising the National Park Service abruptly quit Monday night out of frustration that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke had refused to meet with them or convene a single meeting last year. (And, by the way, the fee to enter a park has doubled to $80 a vehicle.)