Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Anyone else not buying the story that the Missile Alert broadcast by the State of Hawaii was just human error by some guy?  (Side note: News footage shows a bunch of people running when the false warning was sent out. Where exactly were they running to?)
    (If true, it's the worst user interface design ever.)
  • And Another (Idaho)
  • Heck of a week for Trump: (1) Fire and Fury, (2) The Bannon fight, (3) S---hole storm, and (4)  Flip flopping on DACA every day, and (5) News came out he paid six figures to an adult film star to buy her silence about their sexual tryst while married to Melania. 
  • And regarding the adult film star, I loved how both sides denied it. He paid her to never admit it happened. What is she going to do? Oddly, her publicist confirmed there is a nondisclosure agreement which was executed "after her allegations of misconduct. (Which, frankly, seems to defeat the purpose of having an nondisclosure agreement.) Note: He walked his comment back after receiving a letter from the porn star's lawyer. 
  • I thought Wise County was going to get some icy roads tomorrow, now I don't thinks so. It looks like it will all hit South and East. We aren't even in the Winter Weather Advisory.
  • Impressive: 
  • Re: Those bikes in Dallas you can rent by credit card and then drop anywhere (and I do mean anywhere): How do they make money? They'll put a new one out and it might end up in the Trinity River. 
  • In Turkey yesterday morning: 
  • The ending of the Vikings/Saints is now right alongside The Hail Mary (1975), The Immaculate Reception (1972), and The Music City Miracle (2000).
  • I thought this, in the Dallas Morning News, was a wax figure. But there's nothing in the story or caption under the photo to indicate it is anything other than a photo of her. 
  • Eight years after the Haitian earthquake, NPR has a story of how Red Cross raised a half billion dollars for relief and has spent hardly anything on relief. I've always been a little suspicious of them.
  • When you forget a password typically the website will send you a link to create a new one. Why don't they just email you your password? I mean, if it is hacker who has figured out your username but didn't know the password, what difference does it make whether he just learns the password or gets to reset it to something different?
  • I was reminded that after Trump denigrated Africa that his two little dumplings didn't mind going there: 
  • If you've got a teen who did the Tide Pod Challenge you've got a teen who isn't very bright.
  • Teams that have not made the NFC Championship game in the last 20 years: Redskins, Lions, and Cowboys.
  • Case Keenum, who is the quarterback for the Vikings, beat Decatur in a playoff game in 2004. He went 7-of-16 for 82 yards. Decatur's quarterback threw for 366.