Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • A lot going on here. (It was by Love Field):
  • The jury in the Zoe Hastings murder trial in Dallas enters its third day of deliberations. Honestly, I didn't follow the trial to closely, but the defendant's "DNA [was] on the murder weapon." I wonder what's going on. 
  • Hey, a church can give away its tithes to anyone or any group it wants to. But I'm not sure how often the money is donated to an agency supported by tax dollars. It's their absolute right, but it is not exactly Lottie Moon. 
  • It's not a big deal, but one of the weirdest string of  comments yesterday was from a guy that said a withdrawal from a bank account should be put down as a credit in the balance book. I don't know if he was doing a bit, but he was insistent. But let's put it to the test. I have $1,000 in the bank. I withdraw $100 so he says add it. That puts the balance at $1,100. I make a deposit of $200 so, according to him credits are subtracted, my balance is $900.
  • Radio guy Mark Davis said yesterday during an appearance on Fox 4 that "it should not be easy to become an American citizen."  It was easy for me. It was easy for you. It was easy for Davis. And it won't be hard for any baby born today on American soil.
  • The DA in the case of the couple which held their children prisoner for years in their home in California held a news conference yesterday giving details of the case. He then said, "We will not try this case in the media but in the courtroom." Dude, you voluntarily called a press conferences to reveal facts.
  • I would think the vast majority of doctors would laugh at this. They are in the business of healing, regardless of who it is. And did I miss the news story where a doctor wanted to not treat an individual for religious reasons but was forced to?
  • Don't Google "Forbes" and "Trump."
  • The Star-Telegram has picked up the "Presidential Candidate Arrest" story out of Wise County. It looks like he is still in jail. 
  • This seems like a big deal for corporate America. "Tucked into the massive $1.5 trillion tax overhaul that Congress approved last month was the elimination of the 50 percent tax deduction that firms had long been able to take on business-related expenses for 'entertainment, amusement, or recreation.'” I presume that would include meals at high tone restaurants, too.
  • State employees can take a paid day off today in honor of "Confederate Heroes Day." Wait, what? (Side note: Oddly, all state offices are still open. For those who come to work, they can choose another day off. I have no idea what happens if 99% of a state office has employees take the day off yet remains "open".)