Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The local Decatur hospital had over 20 people with the flu waiting in ER yesterday as beds were trying to be located. 
  • Trump spoke at the American Farm Bureau Federation. Whenever he gets down depressed, he holds a campaign rally so he can be in front of people who adore him.
  • He was also at the beginning of the National Championship game last night for the National Anthem. We learned he doesn't know the words
  • So this guy emptied his chicken bucket and then filled it up with a soft drink? Sir!
  • I haven't followed the Farmers Branch officer, Ken Johnson, who was found guilty of murdering a 16 year old burglary suspect. The punishment phase ended yesterday. The odd thing was that both the prosecution and defense decided against giving closing arguments. I have never seen that before. 
  • And Another (Florida)
  • The National Championship game was insane. I thought Nick Saban was insane when he benched Jalen Hurts, who had led Alabama to a 26-2 record in his career and seconds away from a championship last year, for a true freshman. It turned out to be a genius move.
  • Want to see an Alabama player try to fight an assistant coach on the sideline?
  • Alabama trainer with a serious mustache:
  • I had forgotten that twenty years ago Oprah was sued by a Texas cattleman in Amarillo, there was a trial, and she won.