Random Tuesday Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Trump tweeting on Saturday that he is “like, really smart” and “a very stable genius” gave me great joy. The man actually typed "like."  Later, at Camp David, he met with the press at Camp David and defended the tweets. So in essence, we have a President holding a press conference to say he is not stupid. 
  • The Raiders giving Jon Gruden a 10 year, $100 million contract is insane. Somewhere along the line, he got the reputation of a "great" football coach. Get this: Jason Garrett has a greater winning percentage than he does. 
  • This is shocking: Dallas Methodist Hospital is completely full with flu patients. All non-emergency patients are being sent elsewhere. 
  • Shocking story about a young female Aggie reporter. She had told a friend that a guy had followed her home, circled the parking lot, pulled up close to her, but left once she got out of her vehicle. Now she is missing.  Her phone, purse and wallet were all found in the Houston Galleria area. Edit: After I wrote this, she was found and "unharmed". There is a heck of a story here. 
  • Uh, this is not a horror movie despite the poster. 
  • I watched one episode of the new season of Black Mirror. I love that series. 
  • Kendal Briles, Art Briles son, has been hired as assistant coach and offensive coordinator at the University of Houston. Meanwhile, Art's appearance at the American Football Coaches Association has been canceled due to "concerns". 
  • And Another (Idaho):
  • Billionaire Ed Bass, 72, has married a 36 year old. 
  • Trump has said an $18 billion request to Congress for the first portion of "The Wall."  Wasn't someone else going to pay for it?