Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • "Megachurch pastor Andy Savage gets standing ovation after admitting to sexually assaulting a 17-year-old high school student."
  • There was a Fourth Amendment case argued in the Supreme Court yesterday and the Chief Justice asked a question. Sport Spot his mistake:  [And, yes, I'll get killed for that error.]
  • I'm sure there's an explanation: 
  • The Rangers might use artificial turf in the new ballpark? Heresy.
  • The new indoor water park in Grand Prairie which has a retractable roof and is open year round actually sounds pretty cool. 
  • Chuck E. Cheese is replacing the animal band (or whatever you call it) with an "interactive light-up dance floor." 
  • I'm going to have to have hernia surgery. Is that a big deal? 
  • I watched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner again the other day. It is a timely then as it is now. 
  • I have a family member who has a friend whose father caught the flu last week and has now passed away. 
  • The only trial in the Waco Twin Peaks case ended in a mistrial. Now the attorney wants to withdraw.
  • Nick Saban winning five national titles in nine years is mind-boggling. And he'll add more. 
  • The freshman quarterback for Alabama is named  Tua Tagovailoa. Everyone struggles with the last name, but do you know what his full first name is?: Tuanigamanuolepola
  • One the Ticket boys this morning talked about seeing a UFO on vacation. He also found a video of something very similar to what he saw which occurred in Texas in December.  Weird.
  • After that live legislative negotiation session yesterday, I have no idea where Trump stands on DACA. He changes day to day.