Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • And end has come to one of the most tragic stories in Decatur history: Jackie Murphree has died. 
  • A Denton JP closed his courtroom because he was discussing "sensitive" financial information with someone appearing before him. You can't do that. A long time Denton lawyer, who got kicked out, was not pleased. 
  • He has no idea how the law works. And there is a 100% chance he has never heard of New York Times v. Sullivan which set the parameters on libel laws.
  • Why is ICE picking on 7-11? Aren't there hundreds of thousands of other businesses in America?
  • Robert Mueller has hired a "cyber prosecutor."  Uh, oh.
  • If the National Weather Service is correct, Wise County is ground zero for potential snow this afternoon. 
  • Based upon the Liberally Lean Snow Projection laboratory, which I've been in all night, I predict the front will hit at 10:22 a.m. 
  • With changing demographics, conservatives will finally understand why separation of church and state is important and will begin to invoke it more and more. 
  • Oh, my!
  • Baylor's second year coach interviewed for the head coaching job for the Baltimore Colts. He better do damage control today. Unless he was sure he was going to get it (He won't: He has a $16 million buyout), that's a dumb move. The fan base now thinks he's not loyal. And if I'm a recruit -- with signing day just a few weeks away -- I'd be seriously reconsidering. [Edit: As a reader pointed out, I seriously dated myself on the "Baltimore" reference.]