Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Larry Nassar, the disgraced Olympic gymnastics team doctor, received 45 to 175 years in prison yesterday. He deserves everything he got, but that judge was a drama queen playing for the cameras. "I just signed your death warrant," was embarrassing. And Texas prosecutors didn't like it either
  • I'd love to know the number of commentors who admire Alex Jones. I'm beginning to think it might be a pretty good percentage. 
  • A couple of days ago they jumped on the alleged "secret society" of the FBI (which has been revealed to be nothing other than a joke from a text message) and called it the "Illuminati." Oh, come on. We all know the Illuminati runs the secret super computer in Belgium called The Beast which will eventually, through the Illuminati, place a chip or "mark" in people so they can be tracked and miss the Rapture. Silly people.
  • I've always wondered what those boys at MADD made. This is from 2016.

  • I had no idea that Wise County's own TV evangelist, Kenneth Copeland, bought -- correction: his church bought him -- a G5 private jet. To make it even more ridiculous, it was purchased from Tyler Perry. 
  • Jerry Fallwell, Jr. was on CNN last night defending Trump having an affair with a porn star right after Barron was born. It was an "Aw, shucks. We all sin" defense. He even channeled Jimmy Carter by invoking Jesus' proclamation that if you lust in your heart after a woman, that's the same as adultery. 
  • I've never seen a story that I disbelieve more than this one: 
  • The Aggies owe former coach Kevin Sumlin $10.4 million for firing him. It is due in lump sum. Today
  • "Freedom Texas"  the group who "works to educate people about the sovereignty, security and self-sufficiency of Texas, and promotes its eventual independence" is still meeting in Wise County. I checked out its home page. It's a rant against Muslims and President Obama with statements like, "We cannot understand why Obama does not do more . . . ." They might want to think about an update.