Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking: Five kids shot in Kentucky high school.
  • I had no idea that the Fort Worth Golden Gloves is still going on. 
  • I've never understood "halftime adjustments". Heck, if the defense is struggling in the first quarter they will all be on the sideline at some point. Make "adjustments" then. 
  • An Oklahoma rig exploded and five workers are missing. You don't here about rig explosions very often (other than offshore wells.)  
  • Personal note to whomever told me to go and listen to a January episode of This American Life. You were correct, it was right up my alley. 
  • Ummmmmm . . . . 
  • Ending the government shutdown until Februay 8th means Congress will be back to square one in two weeks. 
  • The guy in the Eagles jersey who ran into a subway pillar granted national interviews yesterday revealing his name (Jigar Desai.) He's even dumber than I thought he was. (You would think that would be a unique name but a Google search will show it also belongs to a physician, lawyer, and a student at UTA.)
  • I've had enough of the "Dilly! Dilly!" crap. 
  • That Amazon grocery store is almost like an episode of Black Mirror. You scan your phone as you walk in, grab what you want, walk out, and money is taken out of your Amazon account. They know what you take by hundreds of high tech cameras/sensors along with shelves which detect changes in weight. (If you take something all the shelf and put it back, Amazon knows.) 
  • Wise County has offered a job for the soon to be vacated Director of 911 addressing. According to the Update,  'If [he] accepts the position he will oversee 911 addressing and the county’s 108 dams under the National Watershed Coalition" We have 108 dams? What's the definition of a "dam"?
  • VP Mike Pence visited the Israeli controlled Western Wall. Male reporters were allowed up front. Female journalist were placed in the back and had to stand on chairs to see. Our "greatest ally" in the Middle East sure is progressive. 
  • Very random basketball note: Some school named Purchase College (enrollment 4,121) pulled off a crazy buzzer beater last night and the kids acted like they had won the NBA Championship in what appears to be a basically empty arena. 
  • Trump deleted a tweet this morning. I'm trying to figure out what it said.