Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • It looks like the Wise County Courthouse will get a metal detector for the first time in its history. If my tremendous sources are correct, the public will not be allowed to use any of the four glass courthouse doors but will instead be funneled into the basement on the Southeast corner of the building. (The basement, by the way, looks like a scene from some type of horror movie.)
  • Some, if not all, of courthouse offices have a new phone system. The screen shows the current weather and, get this, the next county holiday.
  • Want to see the stitches after back surgery? BagOfNothing's wife posted a picture. That's not too bad. 
  • "Five months after opposing a motion to recuse 19th State District Judge Ralph Strother in the case of a Twin Peaks defendant, prosecutors from McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna’s office filed a last-minute motion Monday morning to remove Strother from hearing two bikers’ cases." That DA's office continues to scared and way in over their heads. 
  • On Twitter, I'll see high school athletes tweet all the time, "I'm happy to announce I have received my sixth offer from [Baylor/UT/TCU/etc.]"  What they mean is that they have already received five offers from different schools and a new one has entered the mix. But it sounds like he's received six offers from one school. Drives me nuts. 

  • A Texas DA asked local cops for help by asking them to review the list of potential jurors for those that would be inclined to impose the death penalty in an upcomng capital murder case. Honestly, there's nothing wrong with that. (There was an allegation that at least two potential jurors had been contacted by the cops. There would be something seriously wrong with that.)
  • Watched some testimony in a DWI case yesterday where the defendant said she was brought up to "never trust cops" and "always say no." Let's see how that plays out. 
  • Toys R Us is going to close 182 stores.  #winning
  • Irving based Kimberly Clark will layoff up to 5,500 people. #winning
  • Last night, with 25 seconds remaining, OU tried to finish off #5 Kansas by launching a three pointer. As the ball arched and headed towards the rim, this happened:
  • I'd have to research it, but off the top of my head I'm not sure taking a BB gun to school is illegal. You can't bring a "firearm" to school but "firearm" is defined as "any device designed, made, or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance or any device readily convertible to that use." Texas Penal Code 46.01(3) and 46.03. If I'm wrong, I'm confident I will be told shortly. (I'm assuming it's one of those BB guns that you cock or pump instead of powered by a CO2 cartridge.)
  • We've had two school shootings this week. And it is Wednesday. 
  • Sooooo Texas
  • No way! Seriously, that can't be true.:
  • Mueller now wants to question Trump. If his lawyers let Trump do it, they should be disbarred for incompetence.