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DeLorean Wrecks Near SMU

Marty apparently didn't get it up to 88 mph.


Doug Bryant said...

That hedge wasn't there when I came from!

-DF Marty McFly

Anonymous said...

My Pines
--DDF Marty McFly

Anonymous said...

One. Point. Twenty-One. Gigawatts!!!

Anonymous said...

That's the northwest corner of the law school quad. That street (Daniel) is dangerous, in large part because SMU undergrads tend to drive through there as if the speed limit signs were just suggestions. Several years ago, a law school professor was using the crosswalk to get to the law garage (the building on the right in the picture) and he got hit by a car right about where that picture was taken.

Anonymous said...

Should we start a.....hedge fund?

Rock me.

Double Fake Skip Bayless

Anonymous said...

Where I'm going I don't need roads.

DF Doc Brown

Anonymous said...

What part of the Texas Criminal Code deals with Vehicular Hedgicide? Asking for a friend.

DF Texas Attorney by Correspondence Course

Anonymous said...

Cool car,not fast at all and damn few parts ! Don't know how the Bondo will work on that stainless !