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It's Friday. Let's Get Out Of Here

 Always keep your eye on the skateboard (although I guess he did, literally.)
 I've got a question: Why does everyone run like a murder has been committed.
 Not a bad Bicycle Kick. And not a bad Kid Kick (although inappropriate.)
 "Honey, I promise. My undivided attention was on the kid."
 "That second blow felt pretty strong. Let me cheeeeeeeeeeeeec . . . ."
If that's his standard bit, it's a weird bit.


Anonymous said...

I think the first one is a set up.

Notice how the guy behind the "victim's" right shoulder moves to the left (his right) even though he should not have thought he was in the splash zone, unless he knew something, while the two guys to the right hold up their hands to shield against the skateboard but the kid who got hit does not.

Admittedly, that would be stupid to willingly take the shot just for a video, but . . . .

Anonymous said...

459 good observing. Looks like it could be a manequin as something flies as the others in the backgound appear to reach to catch it. The head maybe. Something moving through the air after impact.

Anonymous said...

Not a bad Bicycle Kick. And not a bad Kid Kick (although inappropriate.)

He was trying to kick the ball which was coming back to him, he never seen the kid running to get the ball. Totally appropriate

Anonymous said...

Skateboard vid is a total fake. Wonder how many Michigan State people would like to get out of here, too right about now. If form holds true, everyone in and around the situation will be fired and shunned or charged...and those who actually committed offenses...well...not so much.