Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Don't even ask about the Random Thought Girl. The photo simply made me laugh. 
  • Dogs are the best in animated Christmas specials. Snoopy in the Charlie Brown episode. The dog in the Grinch. Why doesn't someone create a Christmas special with all dogs? #PatentedIdea
  • Two Trump federal judge nominees, who were completely unqualified, have backed out. You never see that. 
  • There is a murder trial going on of a former Farmer's Branch police officer who killed a guy while off duty. Prediction: That guy will get convicted.  
  • I really didn't know anything about Trump's former Apprentice candidate Omarosa Manigault, but the fact that she is no longer employed at the White House is odd. And she said this morning that what she saw at the White House “profoundly” disturbed her. What is odder is that the Secret Service issued a statement that she was not physically removed. 
  • I've watched thousands of police videos, but I have never seen an officer tell a female to "Shut your mouth." That is, until yesterday. 
  • Alabama coach Nick Saban finished third in the Senate race in Alabama. 
  • This is from yesterday: I would think so. 
  • You wanted to see a picture of the new puppy? Here you go. The lone surviving Yorkie is having nothing to do with her. 
  • Roy Moore won't concede. He will "wait on God and let this process play out." Anyone know what Bible verse controls recounts from Heaven?
  • Sunnyvale ISD was shut down because of the flu. I need my old Bridgeport friends to help me on this: When I was in the Sixth Grade, didn't we get shut down because of a flu epidemic? (Side note: We were all part of an educational experiment. Every class in the entire grade was held in one huge room with four "classrooms" in each corner. In retrospect, that was insane.)
  • Just happened. Gone!
  • Brett Shipp, running for Congress, was on with radio guy Mark Davis. Question: "If Democrats take the House back, will you vote for Trump's impeachment?' Shipp: "Yes, I will. absolutely."