Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • There is hope for America. When a Democrat wins a Senate seat in Alabama of all places even over a pedophile, Roy Moore, who was given the full support of Trump, there is a new day coming. 
  • Here was local radio host Mark Davis yesterday: 
  • Look how this went down for Trump: (1) Trump creates a Senate vacancy by appointing Jeff Sessions as AG, (2) Sessions appoints a special counsel to investigate Trump over Russia, (3) Trump endorses Roy Moore's opponent, Luther Strange, in the Republican primary to replace Sessions, (4) Trump then endorses Roy Moore after Moore wins the primary. This did not go well for the "Grab Her By The P" guy.
  • The Onion can still bring it: 
  • These local Wise County races have my attention. (Stolen from the Messenger. Don't sue me, Mr. Eaton. But I'm guessing I just got you more paid "Hats in the Ring" for JP Pct. 2. A couple of folks have dropped the ball.)
  • This blogging platform is acting up. Changes and updates I write sometimes disappear. I'm trying to figure it out. 
  • No way! 
  • The Brandon Davis trial (he's the former Rhome Police Chief) is ongoing in the Wise County District Court. After watching part of it yesterday I have a hot prediction: A Not Guilty verdict. Fort Worth lawyer Jim Lane is killing the inept AG's office which is in charge of the prosecution. I'll have more on this.
  • Die Hard is definitely a Christmas movie.
  • More movie talk: I walked by a package in the office hallway the other day and it had "Fragile" written on it. I started laughing as I thought that it must be special since it came from Fra-gee-lee. 
  • Ticket Fans only: Mrs. LL thinks Gordon Keith might be retiring. He is taking a strange three week vacation (although he did show up yesterday for a segment or two.) 
  • Presented without comment. Robert Jeffress was at the White House for Christmas.  
  • We've got a new puppy. Let me rephrase: We've got a new puppy who loves to have a party at 2:00 a.m. 
  • Trump Jr. was hired to speak by UNT.  He "required a speaker series record fee of $100,000, and, according to university records, hosting the Oct. 24 event at ATT Stadium cost a series record $149,680.11, totaling a record $249,680.11 in expenses . . . ."
    "Roy Moore lost even with daddy's endorsement?"
  • Why on God's green earth would Boyd ISD think it was a good idea to hold a graduation (of 97 students) in UNT's Super Pit instead of their great local stadium? They finally came to their senses.
  • We are watching a Republican Civil War: 
  • There was a story about a guy committing suicide after killing his two little kids in North Richland Hills. Now we learn he was a surgeon