Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • This headline in itself got my attention. But my jaw dropped once I saw the lead lawyer has the same name as a lawyer in Decatur. I presume it is him.  I'll give him credit. Trying to get a jury worked up over a "luxury home builder" who is mad at a bank seems like a pretty big task. 
  • And Another (Texas.) But to be fair, she did meet him in church.
  • An Alamo Draft House is coming to Denton. And it looks like it'll be near the I-35 split.
  • Dear DPS: Tell me why when I watch one of your videos using the software "WatchGuard" included in your DVD I see this: 
    Propriety software screenshot
  • . . . but if I'm smart enough to root out the video file on the DVD (and I am) and play it with a free downloaded program I suddenly see onscreen data? I am not making this up. Is there a button I'm not clicking or is something amiss?
    Free downloaded program screenshot
  • EDIT: This is from a commentor. Is this true? HOLY CRAP! They have been withholding evidence? 
  • There is no way this story is true. The bank won't cancel the draft and issue a new one? They want an indemnity agreement in case the original is "illegally cashed"? 
  • The AG Paxton aide who I posted about yesterday no longer has his job. He was an assistant DA back in the day and continued to work for the government. You make inappropriate comments about women in that position you should lose your job. He was paid $151,000 a year, plus pension, plus medical, plus expenses.
  • There is a huge difference between humor and offensive comments in the workplace. And it is not hard to see the difference. 
  • As I predicted after watching just 30 minutes of the trial, Rhome Police Chief Brandon Davis was found not guilty. The AG's office, who was in charge of the prosecution, had subpoenaed over 30 witnesses. If there was ever proof needed that they have no idea what they are doing, that is it. Those people are not trial lawyers. 
  • This might appeal to only a few but it is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. One of Trump's federal judge nominees gets grilled for five minutes in a Senate hearing. He admitted he had never tried a case, never argued a motion, had never conducted a deposition and, shockingly, didn't know what a Motion In Limine was. He had ultimate Shake Voice. It's almost a "Must Watch." 
  • Scandalous Pajama Guy can't do anything right. The crazy part is I think Texas voters might re-elect him. 
  • I thought the official White House Christmas photo reminded me of something. 

  • I've said this many times. I don't, in any form or fashion, like Star Wars. It's simply boring. (And I went and saw the original in the theater with my dad.) But if I watch any Star Trek TV show or movie, so long as Captain Kirk is in it, it is great. 
  • I told a friend at the courthouse the other day that most cemeteries are owned by funeral homes and they make money from selling the plots. I was wrong. I had no idea the Eastside Cemetery in Bridgeport was owned by the city (according to information provided by a reliable source.)
  • I hate This Is Us. It's a fantastic show but my job is to deal with people in crisis. I don't need to go through it again at night.