Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • From the beach to . . . 
  • Breaking. Early reports say "four minor injuries".
  • A DPS attorney claims the Waco DA urged a Texas Ranger to withhold evidence in Twin Peaks trial. This is getting bad. 
  • I didn't know who Johnny Hallyday was but there was certainly a huge crowd on the streets of Paris on the day of his funeral on Saturday.  He was a rock 'n' roll  musician and referred to as the "corrupter of youth".
  • Radio host Mark Davis mocked someone helping out folks who have to place stuff on layaway and showed a stunning tone deafness of how people struggle.
  • Fox News plays the National Anthem before Fox and Friends? Pander much?
  • I absolutely believe this: A study found the "fair market value" of a college football player, based on revenue and advertising to a university, is $660,029 at UT and, at Alabama, $545,357.
  • Trump is all in for Roy Moore now.
  • I caught almost all of the old Paul Newman film The Verdict over the weekend. I had forgotten how great it was. And while looking up details about it afterwards, I learned Bruce Willis was a "courtroom observer". I never noticed him. 
  • I know you've probably seen this but in case you haven't: 
  • FBC of Dallas charges for a Christmas show? You kidding me?
  • This is amazing regarding the prosecution of Ken Paxton. I have no idea if he is guilty or not, but there are lawyers in Wise County who are appointed to incarcerated poor people charged with far greater offenses who will be paid less than $500, given no or little money to investigate, and do there best to help the person. 
  • Drudge implies that Trump is all-powerful?
  • The Chico City Council has imposed a curfew of 10 p.m. for people 17 and under. Curfews imposed by the government have always seemed weird to me. 
  • The female winner of the Dallas Marathon had to receive assistance near the end. Uh, is that legal?
  • Two more arrests for male prostitution in Wise County over the weekend.
  • Texas hired TCU's athletic director to replace the the disastrous Steve Patterson. Do I have that right? They've been without a hired AD since 2015?