Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • Incredible: Roy Moore's wife says that the Fake News would have you believe that "We don't care for Jews " She wanted to "set the record straight" by letting them know "une of our attorneys is a Jew!" The video, here, makes it much worse that even the words. She says it with such glee. 
  • This came out yesterday. They show Jones with an incredible 10% jump. Some polling group, one way or another, is going to be horribly wrong. 
  • Man, Fort Worth PD has a lot of money.
  • Sarah Sanders meltdown. She contradicted herself. She made no sense.  The stress of that job is getting to her. Never before has the White House Briefing Room been run by so one unprofessional, unprepared, and so unethical. 
  • The official LL Girl, Britney Spears, created a brief workout video.It's a Christmas miracle.
  • Trump announced yesterday that he wants us to go back to the moon. Why? Did we leave some rocks behind? And it sounds like a wise use of your tax dollars. (I'll bet I he saw Kennedy's Inaugural Address for the first time and decided to copy it.)
  • Boyd ISD got rid of the school's AD. You really don't see school boards do that. Normally there are behind the scenes discussions and someone resigns first. (And, yes, I know "behind the scenes discussions" probably violats the Open Meetings Act but it happens everywhere.)
  • Former KXAS anchor Mike Synder is running for office (Bud Kennedy tweet.) He has had problems before. (Ticket fans: I am the guy who was personally responsible for recording the drop when he read "person" as "peron" off the teleprompter.)  

  • Freshman In The House: "Do you want to go to Europe? I want to see Europe!" Me: "I want to see your checkbook."
  • That Blue Mound Road/287 wreck yesterday was horrific. 
  • No way!
  • The North Texas grass fires yesterday looked awfully meek compared to what we have seen in California for two weeks. 
  • Sonny Dykes has been hired as SMU football coach. That didn't get my attention. The fact that he will coach the team in the Frisco Bowl did. You never see that.