Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • The apology from the head of United for dragging the passenger off the plane was a perfect example of what not to say. " "I apologize for having to re-accommodate these customers." First we have the phrase "having to." Uh, no you didn't. And then we have the tone deaf word of "re-accommodate." 
  • By the way, WBAP's Hal Jay supported United this morning much to the amazement of his co-workers. 
  • That flight wasn't "overbooked". They kicked four passengers off the plane to get four flight attendants on the flight for another gig at the flight's destination.
  • And Mike Huckabee made dads everywhere cringe with an "attempt" at comedy:
  • Others were very funny: 
  • Sad to see Tech's Spike Dikes passing away. I always liked the guy. He had a handwritten sign up in his office, "If you have to convince someone to come here, you're probably going to have to convince them to play hard." (And hard core Tech fans took note of the death of Byron Hanspard a couple of weeks ago. Edit: Eek! Make that James Hadnot. My apologies for killing Hanspard!)
  • Trump this morning. (Great, he got a taste of dropping bombs and he liked it):
  • Alabama's governor had to resign after having an affair with a staff member half his age and then using the power of the office to try and cover it up. One of the ways the scandal broke was when he texted his wife, "I love you, Rebekah." Uh, his wife ain't named Rebekah.
  • You know how when watching a golf tournament on TV they'll do that cool graphic off the T-box that shows where the ball is going? There's actually an app for that called "Shot Tracer." Here's a Ticket guy at the #1 on Colonial yesterday: 
  • A Wichita Falls woman pleaded guilty for her role in having her husband solicit and undercover officer to kill her daughter's boyfriend.  What they thought was a fair fee? $500.
  • In the middle of Lake Bridgeport, far under water, is the site of the former Cactus Hill Ranch and cemetery. When Wise County was beginning, and had less than 400 people, it served as a make shift way station for travelers and locals alike. When the lake was built, the graves were moved to East Bridgeport cemetery. Any chance they didn't get all of them? (Great history about the place here.)