Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • I've have never seen such horrible reporting regarding Dallas' new "cite and release" policy for misdemeanor marijuana. So many news agencies say that Dallas has reduced the punishment for those crimes to nothing more than a Class C offense like speeding or jaywalking. That's completely 100% wrong.
  • Here's what's the change is: Currently, Dallas PD arrest someone found in possession of a misdemeanor amount of marijuana. They are taken to jail. In a few hours they post bond, released, and are told to wait for a notice to appear before a court for either a Class B or Class A misdemeanor (depending on the amount possessed.) The new policy requires the officer to not arrest the defendant but to release him on his own personal recognizance on the spot, and tell the defendant to wait for notice to appear before a court for either a Class B or Class A misdemeanor. The only thing that has changed is that you are no longer initially taken to jail and have to bond out. 
  • The Texas legislature approved "cite and release" 10 years ago. A trooper in Wise County (or any officer) can legally "cited and release" any misdemeanor marijuana defendant.  The only reason that doesn't happen is because of policies of the agencies. 
  • The local media has been horrible. KXAS Channel 5 does not have a clue about the meaning of "cite and release". WFAA equally doesn't understand. The Answer's Mark Davis went on a 20 minute rant this morning about how the City of Dallas had "reduced" the penalty for marijuana to the equivalent of jay-walking. Fox 4 is interesting. They have had guests on which have been deadly accurate on what the "change" in Dallas PD police means. Then last night their graphics department proved they hadn't been watching Fox 4 news: 
    No, they didn't. 
  • Nerdy legal point about how the new Dallas policy is probably unconstitutional: The new policy only allows Dallas residents to get the benefit of "cite and release." If you live out of county but are caught in Dallas, you go to jail and have to make bond. That probably violates the Equal Protection Clause. 
  • I did miss the fact yesterday that Bill O'Reilly has taken an immediate and mysterious "two week vacation." It begins. 
  • One of the first thing Trump did was institute a federal hiring freeze. Yesterday he reversed his own decision.
  • Speaking of Trump, he's saber-rattling again on Twitter -- the perfect place to develop foreign policy. We're all gonna die. 
  • "Secret A.T.F. Account Paid for $21,000 Nascar Suite and Las Vegas Trip." WBAP's Hal Jay this morning said he didn't care about the theft of taxpayer money and considered it just a bonus for "working hard and risking their lives." His co-workers, as they are doing more and more often, expressed shock at his position.
  • The Bridgeport Bulls will be going to the state championship in soccer. How many state championships were left on the table over the last 10 to 15 years because the school refused to have a soccer program? 
  • I don't know anything about Decatur High School, but I saw that Macy and Mallory Downe finished first and second in the 100 meter dash at the district meet. Are they twins? Sisters finishing first and second at district is beyond cool.