Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • A Hays County assistant DA was forced to resign after lying to a judge in court. The subject? Withholding evidence, of course. 
  • After looking at the "damage" to the Syrian air field, I think the U.S. should go back to the Acme Tomahawk Missile Store and ask for its money back. 
  • Seriously, what is going on there? We launch 59 missiles on an airfield and they are using it the next day and dropping bombs on the same place they used chemical weapons. 
  • It was the 75th anniversary of Bataan Death March. Faithful reader will remember me promoting a book on the event, Tears in The Darkness, a few years back. It told the story about of 18 year old farm boy Ben Steele who ended up smack dab in the middle of it. When I read the book, Mr. Steele was still alive. I googled him and learned he died last September. 
  • Y'all'd've" has to be the greatest Texas slang ever, and it is scary how often I utter it. ("Y'all would have")
  • The emergency sirens in Dallas were hacked on Friday night causing them to go off all night. In the 8:00 a.m. hour on Saturday, WFAA news had the Dallas City Spokesperson on via phone who said it "wasn't a malfunction" when every news outlet was calling it that. My ears perked up.  The anchor completely missed the remark and went on with his next question. And then around noon we had the "breaking news" of the hack. 
  • Florida Sheriff press conference or ISIS? 
  • Mark Cuban having Tony Romo suit up and sit on the bench tonight is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen. And why would Romo do it? From his "woe as me" speech during the season, to the goofy picture of him wearing the CBS jacket (with Phil Simms body not even cold), and now to this, Romo's beginning to wear me out. And he's proving he's tone deaf. 
  • And Jason Witten wrote an open letter to Romo. I think that's weird. If you feel that way, send him a handwritten letter. When you post it online you're really saying, "Look at me everyone! Aren't I great and sweet guy!"
  • Colorado cop body slams a sorority girl. 
  • There's a shocking video floating around this morning of United over booking a plane and dragging a random passenger off the plane. It appears to be legit. The airline offered up to $800 in ticket vouchers looking for volunteers but there were no takers. Hint: Go to $1,000 and then keep going in $200 increments next time until you find someone in order to avoid a PR disaster. 
  • Great result at The Masters: Rickie Fowler, with those horrible orange pants and orange Cobra cap, didn't get close to winning. That was a sin against fashion. 
  • The Bridgeport making it to state in soccer is really amazing. They will play Progreso (not the soup) on Wednesday.