Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • We dropped the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan yesterday.  It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million. We've used one. 
  • If we keep lobbing bombs left and right in the middle east, we are going to get hard on our soil in the next four years. 
  • There was a running bit over the last few days about "New United Mottos". This was the funniest: 

  • There was a big effort yesterday to express outrage about a guy on Survivor who outed another guy as transgendered. Come on. The show is taped and edited and packaged. It's not like he blurted it out on live TV. This was all calculated.
  • An officer in Georgia was fired after walking up and kicking a handcuffed African-American who was on the ground in the head. (Video) Edit: Link fixed.
  • Former Decatur standout Grayson Muehlstein is listed as third string quarterback at TCU after Spring practice. The bad news is that incoming freshman Shawn Robinson is at #2 and that kid is great. He'll replace the spare Kenny Hill by game three.  
  • Canada took the first steps yesterday to legalize weed. For the whole country.
  • Bob Simpson, co-owner of the Texas Rangers, has put his 24,000 square foot Fort Worth house on the market for $7 million. It's in a development called Montserrat which is just outside the west 820 loop just south of the I-30 exit. I had no idea it was there. And there are some monster houses in it. (Satellite view). 
  • Does Trump ever see son Barron?
  • I'll admit, I don't know what "currency manipulator" means. At least I'm not the only one: 
  • A loyal reader sent me a link to TMZ obtaining pictures of the Official Liberally Lean Girl on the beach in Hawaii. 
  • Pretty big fire to an extension of the Bellagio hotel in Vegas last night. (Video)
  • The U.S. screwed up yesterday and killed 18 friendly Syrian soldiers who were fighting ISIS.