Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Tarrrant County DA Sharen Wilson tweets during the day for her re-election campaign when she should be working. I have never understood how public employees can get away with that.
  • Traveling is a beating.
  • I petted a service dog yesterday (a real one) of an elderly man. It was cute. Some small thing that never barked, looked at you with dumb eyes, and had his mouth open the whole time. The guy, who was in a wheelchair, said "I make friends because of him." And as I walked away he said, "Thank you."
  • Thousands of pages of JFK files were released yesterday but Trump is keeping some of them secret for another 180 days. What I've heard about them so far is fascinating. And there are 180 documents being held back for 180 days because of security reasons. Oh, my. 
  • What did he mean by "our" heritage?
  • What a vicious and illegal hit in last night's NFL game. The sport of football will not survive. 
  • I remember very little about every college course I took. For example, I took an accounting course, got an A, and really the only thing I remember is that Equity = Assets - Liabilities. (And that was taught on the first day of class.) I think the real value of college is hanging out with a diverse group of people, figuring out who are smart and who are dumb, and then hanging out with the smart people.
  • Did I mention that long time employee Tammy Sosa is running for Justice of the Peace 2?
  • I'm surprised that the Bridgeport City Council didn't back COMPLETELY down from their annexation invasion. If I'm a public official, I'd put it on the back burner until the heat dies down and then try again. (Below is stolen from the Bridgeport Index. Everyone go buy an Index. Don't sue me!)

  • For some reason, if I stay in any hotel I have a war with ice machines. They used to be on every floor but no longer. Last night I went to one on my floor, and much to my great excitement, found one. Yet,  "Out of Order" it said. Cue the Curb Your Enthusiasm music. It's not my  personality, and I would never do it, but I wanted to be Larry David and go down to the front desk and say, "Uh ....(pause) ...can we talk about the ice machine?"
  • Hey, you one Dennis Prager fan out there who reads the blog: Yesterday he said patting a woman's behind was not sexual assault and "there are some things that men just do." Incredible. And Mark Davis took issue with the term "sexual assault." Look, this isn't hard. "Assault" is defined, even under the Texas Penal Code, as "offensive touching." And if you do it for personal gratification, it is "sexual".  Sure, it's not a crime of "Sexual Assault" under any Penal Code but it's just an accurate description of men preying on women.  The old white men in this world are amazing. 
  • Speaking of, you have to read what a broadcaster said during a Cleburne, Texas high school football game.